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Invisible locs are a big deal in hairstyles right now. If you haven’t heard of them, you are missing out. This new style is really popular. Many people love it, especially those who like protective hairstyles. This trend has come from TikTok and Instagram. On these platforms, there are so many videos and photos. People show off their beautiful invisible locs. Both beauty experts and regular people are trying this style. It is stylish and different. It mixes old and new styles together.

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What Are Invisible Locs?

What are Invisible Locs
IG @sjonthehair

Invisible locs are a protective style. They look like locs but have a twist to them. At first glance, they might seem like regular dreadlocks. But they are not. They start as twists and give the feel of freshly twisted locs. Now, how are they different from faux locs? Well, faux locs use ready made extensions that look like real locs. On the other hand, invisible locs are more like twists. They blend the look of dreads with the ease of twists. So, they are not like traditional dreadlocks or faux locs. They stand out with their own style.

The Origin and Rise of Invisible Locs

The Origin and Rise of Invisible Locs
IG @pookatook

TikTok has a capability for starting trends and with invisible locs, it did just that. Videos of this hairstyle started popping up everywhere on the platform. Soon, Instagram joined in. People shared their fresh looks of this protective style, and the trend caught fire. But where did the idea come from?

Locs and twists have deep roots. They are tied to cultural history and identity. For many people, they are more than just a hairstyle. They tell stories of heritage, pride, and unity. Invisible locs are a modern twist on this tradition. They blend the past with the present. With the help of social media, they are now a global sensation.

How Are Invisible Locs Created?

Invisible locs are a blend of art and technique. They are crafted with precision, using specific tools and products. Here is a deep explanation about the creation of these trendy locs.

Essential Products and Tools

  • Cuban Twist Hair and Marley Hair: Popular hair extensions used for invisible locs due to their texture and appearance.
  • Art Pomade Braiding Gel: Essential to maintain twists.
  • Shine n Jam: This product helps in smoothing the hair, making it easier to twist.
  • Duck Bill Hair Clips: Useful for holding sections of hair in place while working.
  • Rubber Bands: Used to secure the ends of the locs.
  • Crochet Needle: Essential for the crochet method of installation.
  • Rattail Comb: Helps in parting and sectioning the hair neatly.

Step by Step Process of Creating Invisible Locs

Step by Step Process of Creating Invisible Locs
Flow Chart Explaining How to Create Invisible Locs
  1. Preparation: Start with clean and detangled hair. Section the hair into desired sizes for each loc.
  2. Twisting: Take a section and begin a flat twist using your natural hair.
  3. Extension Addition: As you twist, integrate either Cuban or Marley hair extensions into the flat twist to ensure a seamless blend.
  4. Secure: Once the twist reaches the desired length, secure the end with a rubber band or by burning the tip, depending on the extension type.
  5. Repeat: Continue the process throughout the entire head until all sections are transformed into invisible locs.

Crochet vs. Non-Crochet Methods

Crochet Method: This involves using a crochet needle to pull the extension hair through the base of the natural hair section. The extension is then twisted with the hair.

Non-Crochet Method: In this method, the extension is directly twisted with the natural hair without the use of a crochet needle.

Here is a video tutorial about the creation of invisible locs:

Easy Tutorial to Achieve Invisible Locs Protective Style

True Nature of Invisible Locs

True Nature of Invisible Locs
IG @otusbeauty

Invisible locs are actually a type of soft faux locs. They are made by twisting two wavy loc strands together. This creates rope twists. You can leave them long or knot them at the end. Knotting gives a shorter bob look. So, while they mimic the look of real locs, they are a unique style on their own. It is a fresh take on traditional locs, blending the old with the new.

Benefits of Choosing Invisible Locs

  • Low Maintenance: Invisible locs require minimum upkeep after installation just like short sister locs. You don’t need daily styling. So, they save your time and effort.
  • Versatility: Whether you want an updo, a ponytail, or to let them flow freely, these locs offer a range of styling options.
  • All Hair Welcome: Invisible locs are perfect for any hair type or curl pattern. From tight curls to wavy strands, everyone can rock this look.
  • Short Term Style: Invisible locs are temporary. They give you the freedom to change styles when you wish.
  • Protect Your Hair: Invisible locs serve as a protective hairstyle. They shield your natural hair from daily wear and tear and promote healthier strands.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Invisible Locs

  • Hair Oil is Key: To keep your locs looking fresh and vibrant, regularly apply hair oil. It adds a beautiful shine and keeps them moisturized.
  • Night Time Protection: Before going to bed, wrap your locs in a silk head wrap or wear a bonnet. It prevents frizz and maintains the integrity of locs.
  • Mousse Magic: For that extra hold and to keep flyaways at bay, use mousse occasionally. It helps in retaining the neatness of the style.
  • Scalp Care: An apple cider vinegar wash can work wonders. It cleanses the scalp, ensuring it stays healthy and itch free.

Longevity of Invisible Locs

Longevity of Invisible Locs
IG @braidsambassador

Typically, invisible locs last for about four to six weeks. Here is a tip to keep them looking great for long time. Wrap your hair at night. This helps in keeping the twists in good shape. Also, use a hair oil or hydrating mist a few times a week. Start at the scalp and go down to the ends. Some good oils to try are rosemary oil and castor oil. With the right care, your invisible locs can look stunning for weeks.

Cost and Considerations for Getting Invisible Locs

On average, invisible locs cost anywhere from $150 to even more than $500. This is if you get it done professionally in a salon. When you do them at home, the cost then depends on the materials you pick. You’ll need to think about the number of hair bundles and their quality. This can cost you between $100 and $300. So, whether you are thinking of a DIY or a salon visit, it is good to have an idea of the price.

70+ Inspirational Invisible Locs Hairstyles

Invisible locs are more than just a hairstyle. They are a canvas for creativity. With over 70 styles that differ in size and length, there is an inspiration for every occasion. Let’s explore some popular styles and where they shine the brightest.

1. Classic Shoulder Length Locs

Classic Shoulder Length Locs
IG @theblessedbraider

These are the standard invisible locs that fall gracefully to the shoulders. They look like long butterfly locs. Perfect for everyday wear, be it a day at work or a casual outing with friends.

2. Boho Chic Locs

Boho Chic Locs
IG @hairbydee22

These locs are adorned with beads, shells, and metallic cuffs, giving a bohemian locs vibe. Ideal for festivals, beach outings, or any event where you want to show a free spirit.

3. High Bun Locs

High Bun Locs
IG @shaynie_lalockserie

All the locs are elegantly tied up into a high bun, showcasing the face and neck. Suitable for formal events, weddings, or when you want a sophisticated look.

4. Half Up, Half Down Locs

Half Up Half Down Locs
IG @royalwhipluxurysalon

Half of the locs are tied up, while the rest falls down, offering a playful yet chic look. Great for date nights, parties, or any fun event.

5. Side Swept Locs

Side Swept Locs
IG @lovesomelocs

The locs are swept to one side, giving a dramatic and stylish appearance. Perfect for photoshoots, special dinners, or any time you want to make a statement.

6. Colorful Locs

Colorful Locs
IG @fashionbombdaily

These locs come alive with vibrant colors, from fiery reds to cool blues. They also include a shade which is just similar to blonde butterfly locs. Best for those who love to experiment and stand out, be it at concerts, parties, or just for a bold daily look.

7. Pixie Locs

Pixie Locs
IG @kg_aestheticss

Short and sassy, these locs are cut close, resembling a pixie cut. Ideal for those who prefer low maintenance and a fresh, youthful look. Great for summer outings and casual events.

8. Long Flowing Locs

Long Flowing Locs
IG @succeedingnaturally

These locs cascade down the back, reaching waist length or even longer. Perfect for formal events or when you want a touch of elegance. They are also best for weddings and gala nights.

9. Curly Ends Locs

Curly Ends Locs
IG @niiccslocs

While the locs are straight, the ends have a curly twist, similar to barrel rolls locs. Suitable for parties, brunches, or any event where you want a playful vibe.

10. Layered Locs

Layered Locs
ID @pamperedbyny

These locs are cut in layers, giving depth and dimension to the hairstyle. A versatile style for both casual days out and more formal evenings.

11. Braided Crown Locs

Braided Crown Locs
IG @theetwistedaffair

A section of the locs is braided into a crown like structure at the top, while the rest flow freely. This regal style is perfect for special occasions, birthdays, and celebrations.

12. Ombre Locs

Ombre Locs
IG @journeywithwada

The locs transition from a darker shade at the roots to a lighter one at the tips, creating a gradient effect. A trendy choice for festivals, concerts, or just to add a pop of color to everyday life.

13. Twisted Updo Locs

Twisted Updo Locs
IG @beast_of_beauty

The locs are twisted and pinned up into a creative updo, showcasing intricate patterns. Best suited for formal events, weddings, or when you want to exude a touch of class.

14. Accessorized Locs

Accessorized Locs
IG @tyystylesss_

Adorned with a variety of accessories like rings, threads, and chains, these locs are all about personal expression. Ideal for those who love to personalize their look. Great for art events, music festivals, or any creative gathering.

15. Bob Cut Locs

Bob Cut Locs
IG @niyahdastylist_

These locs are cut in a bob style, framing the face beautifully. A timeless choice for work meetings, casual hangouts, or any day you want a chic look.

16. Zig Zag Parted Locs

Zig Zag Parted Locs
IG @thegreatvondnee

The locs are parted in a zig zag pattern, adding a fun twist to the style. Perfect for casual outings, picnics, or days when you’re feeling a bit playful.

17. Mohawk Locs

Mohawk Locs
IG @locd.bynissa

The sides are shaved or slicked back, and the locs form a mohawk in the center. For those bold moments, be it a rock concert, a themed party, or just a day of self expression.Bob Cut Locs

18. Locs with Undercut

Locs with Undercut
IG @promise.theartist

A section of the hair, usually at the back or sides, is shaved, while the rest is styled with locs. A trendy choice for music festivals, art shows, or any event where edgy is the theme.

19. Space Buns Locs

Space Buns Locs
IG @divas_and_dudes

The locs are divided into two sections and styled into buns on either side of the head. Ideal for summer festivals, beach days, or any fun filled event.

20. Side Ponytail Locs

Side Ponytail Locs
IG @braidsambassador

All locs are pulled to one side and tied into a ponytail. A versatile style, great for both daytime outings and evening parties.

21. Wavy Locs

Wavy Locs
IG @lindamariah254

The locs have a wavy texture, giving a beachy vibe. Perfect for vacations, beach outings, or days when you want a relaxed look.

22. Pinned Back Locs

Pinned Back Locs
IG @byashleighjordan

The front locs are pinned back, while the rest flow down, offering a half up, half down appearance. Suitable for romantic dates, weddings, or any event where elegance is key.

23. Locs with Bangs

Locs with Bangs
IG @chelseas.touch

A section of the locs is styled as bangs, framing the forehead. A fresh look for everyday wear, be it at college, work, or a day out with friends.

24. Chunky Locs

Chunky Locs
IG @niq.nacks

These locs are thicker and chunkier, giving a bold and voluminous appearance. Ideal for those who love to make a statement. Great for photoshoots, parties, or fashion events.

25. Locs with Side Braids

Locs with Side Braids
IG @kennielovelylocs

A few locs are braided on the side, adding a unique touch to the overall style. Perfect for casual brunches, music festivals, or a day out in the city.

26. Tied Back Locs

Tied Back Locs
Pinterest @shortiefoeva2

The locs are gathered and tied back, leaving the face clear and highlighted. Suitable for athletic events, gym sessions, or any activity where you want your hair out of the way.

27. Locs with Middle Part

Locs with Middle Part
IG @msnatural83

The locs are neatly parted down the middle, giving a symmetrical look. Ideal for formal gatherings, office meetings, or any event where a polished look is desired.

28. Multi Colored Locs

Multi Colored Locs
IG @locs_and_ankara

These colored locs feature multiple colors, creating a vibrant and lively appearance. Best for parties, concerts, or any event where you want to stand out and make a statement.

29. Locs with Loose Ends

Locs with Loose Ends
IG @sewslay

The ends of the locs are left loose, giving a slightly undone and relaxed vibe. Great for beach outings, picnics, or a laid back weekend.

30. Crowned Locs

Crowned Locs
IG @jozzymonae

The locs are styled into a crown or halo around the head. Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, or any event where you want a touch of elegance.

31. Locs with Deep Side Part

Locs with Deep Side Part
IG @locdin.byangie

The locs are parted deeply on one side, offering a dramatic and chic look. Suitable for date nights, gala events, or any occasion where you aim to impress.

32. Bejeweled Locs

Bejeweled Locs
Pinterest @dailymail

The locs are adorned with jewels or gemstones, adding sparkle and shine. Ideal for festive seasons, celebrations, or any time you want to add a touch of glamour.

33. Tapered Locs

Tapered Locs
IG @done_by_nans

The locs are cut in a tapered fashion, shorter on the sides and longer at the top. A trendy choice for fashion events, club nights, or just a day of urban exploration.

34. Twisted Fringe Locs

Twisted Fringe Locs
IG @_nefertiti_hair_salon

The front locs are twisted to form a fringe like appearance. Perfect for those who want a blend of edgy and classic. Suitable for both day and night events.

35. Locs with Floral Accessories

Locs with Floral Accessories
IG @embracingnaturalbeauty

The locs are decorated with floral accessories, giving a fresh and natural vibe. Best for spring outings, garden parties, or any event with a nature theme.

36. Locs with Feathered Accessories

Locs with Feathered Accessories
Pinterest @love_hairstyles

The locs are adorned with delicate feathers, adding an ethereal touch. Ideal for bohemian themed events, music festivals, or a whimsical photoshoot.

37. Asymmetrical Locs

Asymmetrical Locs
Pinterest @lovelylady1019

The locs are cut in an asymmetrical fashion, offering a modern and edgy look. Perfect for art shows, fashion forward events, or any day you feel like making a bold statement.

38. Locs with Golden Cuffs

Locs with Golden Cuffs
IG @jordanslocd

The locs are embellished with golden cuffs, adding a touch of luxury. Suitable for gala nights, weddings, or any event where elegance is key.

39. Waterfall Locs

Waterfall Locs
IG @bonitarebel

The locs cascade down in layers, resembling a flowing waterfall. Ideal for romantic dates, beach weddings, or any event with a dreamy theme.

40. Locs with Intricate Patterns

Locs with Intricate Patterns
Pinterest @gxld_smart

The scalp showcases intricate patterns, with locs emerging from each section. A standout choice for cultural events, dance performances, or when you want to showcase artistry.

41. Locs with Beaded Ends

Locs with Beaded Ends
IG @monyyonahairr

The ends of the locs are adorned with beads, adding movement and charm. Great for summer festivals, beach parties, or any fun filled gathering.

42. High Top Locs

High Top Locs
IG @sheslocdnlove

The locs are concentrated on the top, with shaved or shorter sides, giving a high top appearance. Suitable for athletic events, urban explorations, or any day you want a sporty vibe.

43. Locs with Pastel Hues

Locs with Pastel Hues
Pinterest @ontetheartist

The locs are dyed in soft pastel colors, offering a fairy tale look. Perfect for themed parties, cosplay events, or any day you want to channel your inner fantasy.

44. Swirled Bun Locs

Swirled Bun Locs
IG @embracingnaturalbeauty

The locs are swirled and pinned up into a bun, showcasing creativity. Ideal for formal dinners, ballet performances, or any event requiring a touch of sophistication.

45. Locs with Side Shave

Locs with Side Shave
IG @lauriceray_

One side is shaved, while the locs flow freely on the other, creating a contrast. A bold choice for rock concerts, club nights, or any event where edgy is the theme.

46. Locs with Spiral Curls

Locs with Spiral Curls
IG @2illlocs

The ends of the locs are styled into tight spiral curls. Perfect for festive occasions, parties, or when you want a touch of playfulness.

47. Locs with Top Knot

Locs with Top Knot
IG @egypt.ami

The locs are gathered at the top, forming a stylish knot. Suitable for yoga sessions, summer outings, or a chic day at the office.

48. Locs with Ribbon Accents

Locs with Ribbon Accents
IG @loctishabeautybar

Ribbons are woven into the locs, adding a feminine and delicate touch. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebratory event.

49. Locs with Underlights

Locs with Underlights
IG @efuabraids_and_locsgh

The locs have hidden streaks of color underneath, creating a surprise element. Perfect for concerts, night outs, or when you’re in the mood for a fun twist.

50. Locs with Side Fishtail Braid

Locs with Side Fishtail Braid
IG @twisteddtouchh

A section of the locs is braided into a fishtail on the side. Suitable for romantic dinners, weddings, or any elegant gathering.

51. Locs with Front Puff

Locs with Front Puff
IG @hairbypuffs

The front section of the locs is styled into a puff, adding volume. Ideal for dance events, fashion shows, or a trendy day out.

52. Locs with Diagonal Parting

Locs with Diagonal Parting
IG @_crownedbyashli

The locs are parted diagonally, giving a fresh perspective. Great for photo sessions, model shoots, or any event where you want to stand out.

53. Locs with Glitter Accents

Locs with Glitter Accents
IG @naturallyy__me

The locs are adorned with glitter, making them sparkle. Perfect for festive seasons, New Year’s Eve, or any party night.

54. Locs with Butterfly Clips

Locs with Butterfly Clips
IG @itznamara

Butterfly clips are added to the locs, giving a nostalgic 90s vibe. Suitable for throwback parties, reunions, or when you are feeling nostalgic.

55. Locs with Side Cornrows

Locs with Side Cornrows
IG @_deeplyrooted_1

One side features cornrows while the other side showcases flowing locs. Perfect for music festivals, cultural events, or a trendy day out.

56. Locs with Middle Bun

Locs with Middle Bun
IG @_locqd

The locs are gathered in the center to form a bun, while the rest flow freely. Suitable for formal dinners, art exhibitions, or a chic evening.

57. Locs with Tinsel Strands

Locs with Tinsel Strands
IG @rambleandrootlocs

Shimmering tinsel strands are woven into the locs, adding a festive touch. Ideal for holiday parties, celebrations, or any event where you want a touch of sparkle.

58. Locs with Front Twists

Locs with Front Twists
IG @brealperry

The front section of the locs is twisted, giving a crown like appearance. Great for weddings, bridal showers, or any special occasion.

59. Locs with Beaded Fringe

Locs with Beaded Fringe
IG @dailydoseofhair

The ends of the locs are adorned with beads, creating a fringed look. Perfect for beach outings, summer festivals, or a boho themed event.

60. Locs with Multi Texture

Locs with Multi Texture
Pinterest @adamsraine19

The locs combine both smooth and crinkled textures. Suitable for fashion events, photoshoots, or when you want a unique look.

61. Locs with Braided Roots

Locs with Braided Roots
IG @dymstylez

The roots of the locs are braided, transitioning into free flowing locs. Ideal for cultural festivals, dance performances, or a day of artistic expression.

62. Locs with Pearl Accents

Locs with Pearl Accents
IG @qveen.stylez

Pearls are intricately placed within the locs, exuding elegance. Perfect for gala nights, weddings, or any sophisticated gathering.

63. Locs with Neon Highlights

Locs with Neon Highlights
IG @lucyloveslocsllc

The locs feature bold neon highlights, making a vibrant statement. Suitable for club nights, concerts, or any event where you want to be the center of attention.

64. Locs with Half Braid

Locs with Half Braid
Pinterest @presenda812

Half of the locs are braided, while the other half flow naturally. Great for casual hangouts, picnics, or a relaxed day out.

65. Locs with Ombre Effect

Locs with Ombre Effect
IG @locsandlashess

The locs transition from a darker shade at the roots to a lighter shade at the tips. Perfect for seasonal transitions, parties, or when you want a gradient look.

66. Locs with Side Swept Bangs

Locs with Side Swept Bangs
IG @lovesomelocs

A section of the locs is styled as side swept bangs, adding a touch of drama. Suitable for romantic dates, evening events, or a stylish day out.

67. Locs with Metallic Threads

Locs with Metallic Threads
IG @chrisaphybeautyplc

Metallic threads are woven into the locs, giving a futuristic vibe. Ideal for themed parties, fashion shows, or any avant-garde event.

68. Locs with Bow Accessories

Locs with Bow Accessories
IG @urballiss__1

Bows are added to the locs, offering a cute and feminine touch. Great for birthdays, picnics, or any day you are feeling a bit girly.

69. Locs with Criss Cross Pattern

Locs with Criss Cross Pattern
IG @babydopeystyles

The locs are styled in a criss cross pattern on the scalp, showcasing artistry. Perfect for cultural events, dance festivals, or when you want a standout look.

70. Locs with Shaved Designs

Locs with Shaved Designs
Pinterest @dashika

A section of the scalp is shaved with intricate designs, while the rest is styled with locs. Suitable for music festivals, art exhibitions, or any day you are feeling bold.

71. Locs with Feathered Ends

Locs with Feathered Ends
IG @angelicallynatural

The ends of the locs have a feathered texture, adding softness. Ideal for beach vacations, summer outings, or a breezy day out.

72. Locs with Gemstone Beads

Locs with Gemstone Beads
IG @locdndreads

The locs are adorned with gemstone beads, exuding luxury. Perfect for gala events, weddings, or any occasion where you want to shine.

73. Locs with Interwoven Ribbons

Locs with Interwoven Ribbons
IG @iamjafaea

Ribbons of various colors are interwoven with the locs, creating a festive appearance. Suitable for celebrations, parades, or any joyous event.

74. Locs with Side Twists

Locs with Side Twists
IG @womenlocstyles

The locs on one side are twisted, offering a unique asymmetrical look. Great for photo sessions, model shoots, or a trendy day in the city.


Invisible locs have truly made a mark in the world of hairstyles. They have captured hearts, from beauty influencers on TikTok and Instagram to everyday hair style lovers. This style isn’t just a trend. It is a blend of tradition, modernity, and personal expression. With so many variations and styles, there is an invisible loc look for everyone.