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Invisible locs are a new hairstyle that is becoming popular on TikTok. They are different from other locs like faux locs or soft locs. Usually, locs have extensions wrapped all over your hair. But invisible locs use a different method.

They mix two flat twists of your own hair with a special kind of hair extension called Marley hair. This hair is kinky and textured. Sometimes, they crochet this hair into small braids before mixing it with your twists. This makes your hair look like it has natural locs.

Putting in invisible locs is easier than other loc styles. The process starts with making neat parts in the hair and using hair wax. Each twist is created using two strands of braiding hair. This made the hair look fuller.

The ends of the hair are often styled to a bob length. The whole process takes about 4.5 hours. It requires just over two packs of extensions. This is quicker and more comfortable than normal locs. Those can take 6-8 hours to put in.

Invisible locs are also easy to wear. They are great for people who don’t like tight hairstyles. The extensions are light and don’t need tight wrapping like other locs. Taking them out is easy too. You just unravel the twists. But if there are small braids used for the crochet, it might be a bit harder to take out.

Invisible locs look great but don’t last as long as other loc styles. They can stay good for about three weeks with care. But they might get too frizzy after four weeks. You can’t just touch them up. You need to redo them completely. This might be good for people who don’t want to keep the same hairstyle for too long.

Taking care of invisible locs is pretty easy. They look like real locs, and some people might think they are real. You can change the length and color, which is fun. This lets you try different styles without sticking to one for a long time.