3605239052: Fake Police Charity Robocall Number

3605239052 is a robocall phone number that has been reported as a fake police charity scam. This article provides a comprehensive overview of what is known about this number and the robocall scam associated with it.

Overview of 3605239052 Robocall Scam

3605239052 Robocall Scam Setup
3605239052 Robocall Scam Setup

The phone number (360) 523-9052 has been identified as being associated with robocalls impersonating police charities. The pre-recorded message used in these robocalls claims to be from the “Police Coalition of America PAC” and asks for donations.

However, the Police Coalition of America PAC does not actually exist. This is a completely fake charity created by scammers to deceive victims into donating money.

Details of (360) 523-9052 Robocall Message

The robocall message sent from 360-523-9052 follows a script along these lines:

“Hello? Hello. This is the police coalition of america. Pac, I’m sure you’re aware in the last couple of years, the number of violence.”

The call is very short, lasting only about 11 seconds. This is typical of illegal robocalls, which try to quickly convey their fake message before the recipient hangs up.

Call Volume and History

According to data collected on this phone number, there have been 143 total calls made from this fake police charity robocall number. The most recent robocall activity from this number occurred on January 25, 2024. However, it’s possible additional scam calls have been made more recently.

Why 3605239052 is a Fake Robocall

In the era of technology, it is easy to detect any fake number. There are several indicators that show 3605239052 is a fraudulent robocall impersonating police charities:

  • No Police Coalition Organization Exists: The message claims to be from a “Police Coalition of America” but this is not a real entity.
  • Vague Message: Does not specify charity name, purpose of call, or make direct ask for donations.
  • Short Duration: At only 11 seconds, the call is not long enough to provide legitimate details.
  • High Number of Reports: Over 140 reports show this is a wide-spread scam call.
  • Spoofed Caller ID: The 360 area code is not where the call originated.
  • No Call Back: Number cannot be called back or traced.

Dangers of 3605239052 Robocall Scam

While this robocall may seem relatively harmless at first, there are some significant risks if you engage with the scam:

  • Financial Loss: If you make a donation to the fake charity, you will simply be lining the scammers’ pockets. No money actually goes to help any police-related causes.
  • Personal Information Theft: Scammers may try to collect your personal and financial details if you respond to the calls. This info could then be used for identity theft.
  • More Robocalls: Responding to robocalls signals your number is active. This could put you on lists to receive even more spam calls in the future.

How to Handle (360) 523-9052 Robocall

If you receive a call from 3605239052, the best advice is to simply hang up. Do not press any numbers or attempt to speak to the robocall.

Here are some other ways to protect yourself from this police charity scam:

  • Block the number 360-523-9052 so you no longer receive calls.
  • Report the robocall to the FTC and FCC by filing a complaint.
  • Warn friends and family about the fake police coalition robocall scam.
  • Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry to reduce unwanted calls.
  • Use call blocking apps and phone features to identify and block illegal robocalls.


The phone number 3605239052 is being used to perpetrate a police charity robocall scam. The fake message asks for donations to the non-existent Police Coalition of America PAC. Always be wary of unsolicited calls requesting money, and never provide personal information. Hanging up is the best way to protect yourself from illegal robocall scams.

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