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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is changing finance and technology in a big way. As interest and adoption grows, many people are looking to learn more about how cryptocurrencies work and how to get involved. This is where guides come in.

What are Guides?

What are Guides Guides Interface guides are a leading resource for information related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. These guides provide beginner-friendly explanations, how-to tutorials, industry analysis, and product reviews to help users understand the complex world of crypto.

Whether you are new to crypto or an experienced trader, CrypticStreet has a wide range of guides to suit your needs.

Types of Guides

There are several categories of guides to educate users about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency 101 Guides

For those completely new to crypto, the Cryptocurrency 101 guides provide an introduction to how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology works in easy-to-understand language. They cover:

  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • What is blockchain?
  • What is Bitcoin and how does it work?
  • Main differences between cryptocurrencies.
  • Benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Risks and challenges with crypto.

Crypto Trading Guides

Once you understand the basics, crypto trading guides of help you learn how to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. These guides include:

  • Step-by-step tutorials on buying crypto on exchanges.
  • Explaining cryptocurrency wallets and securing your crypto.
  • Different trading strategies and risk management principles.
  • Guidance on technical analysis and chart reading.
  • The best crypto exchanges for trading.

DeFi and NFT Guides

Decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are some of the hottest emerging topics in crypto. breaks down these complex concepts in straightforward guides including:

  • Introduction to DeFi and its key benefits.
  • Step-by-step tutorials on using DeFi protocols and applications.
  • Guides on yield farming and liquidity pools.
  • Overview of NFTs and how they work.
  • How to create, buy and sell NFTs.
  • Top NFT projects and marketplaces reviewed.

Altcoin Guides

With over 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence and more launching regularly, deciding which altcoins to invest in can be overwhelming.’s altcoin guides help you cut through the noise by providing:

  • Beginner’s guide to altcoins beyond Bitcoin.
  • Reviews of top altcoins and their technology, use cases and teams.
  • Step-by-step guides on buying and storing various altcoins.
  • Predictions and price analysis reports on promising altcoins.

Crypto Security Guides

One thing that all cryptocurrency users need is robust security to protect their coins and tokens. has guides to help you keep your crypto safe through:

  • Securing crypto wallets with strong passwords and 2FA.
  • Safely storing private keys and recovery phrases.
  • Avoiding crypto scams and phishing attacks.
  • Best practices for remaining anonymous and protecting privacy with crypto.
  • Tax implications and reporting requirements when trading crypto in different countries.

Benefits of Guides

Here are some of the key benefits that guides offer crypto users:

  • Beginner Friendly: Written for crypto newcomers with no assumed knowledge. Complex topics are explained simply. Cryptic Street is best for beginners while Crypto Pro Network is best for pro traders.
  • Actionable: Guides provide step-by-step instructions, tutorials and practical tips users can apply immediately.
  • Comprehensive: A wide range of guides cover all major crypto topics for a complete education.
  • Unbiased: Guides provide objective analysis of products and services, not paid promotion.
  • Researched: Thoroughly researched information comes from crypto experts.
  • Updated Regularly: Guides are kept up-to-date with the fast-moving crypto landscape.
  • Free Access: All guides are available for free to help democratize crypto learning.
  • Improved Crypto Experience: Readers gain knowledge to have a safer, smarter and more profitable crypto journey.


Cryptocurrency is the future of money and finance. But it can be daunting and risky for beginners. makes it easy to learn at your own pace with straightforward guides written for newcomers. To start your crypto learning journey, check out the wide range of guides today.

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