How to make your business a safe place to work

Owning a business means you have the responsibility of making your premises a safe place to work for all your staff. Employees place huge importance on wellbeing in the workplace, which includes mental health as well as physical health. Ensuring staff have appropriate support means they’re more likely to stay with the company and help build the business’ reputation as a valued place to work.

Maximising safety also protects the business and reduces the chances of an employer being liable if an accident or injury occurs.

There are a variety of aspects to think about when implementing safety measures.

Make sure your buildings are in good repair

Premises should be well maintained and free from hazards to prevent any accidents such as slips, trips or falls. Loose fittings, exposed cables and obstructions should be dealt with appropriately. Any electrical connections should be secured with battery clips to ensure devices are safe to use.

Risk assessments are an important aspect of maintaining a safe workplace and any identified hazards should be reduced or mitigated.

Providing appropriate safety equipment

It’s important that employees are given the right safety equipment, depending on their job. In an office, this could be items such as a monitor, chair and computer that promotes a good working posture.

If there is any building work being carried out in the office, staff and visitors on the site should be provided with health and safety equipment that protects them from any risks such as falling debris.

Workstation lighting

Workstation lighting should be at the right level to enable employees to carry out their jobs. Less intense lighting is usually a good option for office tasks. Care should be taken to remove any glare or uneven lighting.


Although there is no set legal temperature for an office, steps should be taken to ensure a working environment is within a reasonable range. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, it’s recommended that the range be between 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are some obvious expectations to this, such as food environments or when working outside. The main consideration is to ensure staff are comfortable, which might mean providing suitable clothing and footwear in certain conditions.

Other considerations include keeping an office or workspace clean and tidy for hygiene purposes and to prevent clutter building up which could pose a safety risk. Employees should provide suitable toilet facilities, alongside hand soap or sanitizer.

Kitchen facilities might include a place to make a hot drink and a fridge for storing lunch items. Businesses should also think about providing a room for those who are breastfeeding as well as a safe space for quiet time if needed.

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