MorDance Brings Creativity and Inclusion to Yonkers

The innovative ballet company MorDance is making an exciting move to Yonkers. This forward-thinking and boundary-pushing company aims to enrich the cultural landscape while expanding access to dance. Through vibrant performances and community engagement, MorDance will bring their mission of empowerment through art to Yonkers.

About MorDance

Overview of MorDance

MorDance is no ordinary ballet company. Founded in 2014 and based in New York City, this women-led company has made social change and inclusion core to its mission. Under the leadership of visionary Artistic Director Morgan McEwen, MorDance creates original programming that breaks through artistic boundaries.

The company focuses on diversity, equality, and providing access to dance. Their imaginative performances showcase these values in action. As McEwen puts it, “Through dance, we aim to break down barriers and create a more equal environment.”

In addition, MorDance is dedicated to community outreach. Over the years, they have brought the joy of dance to thousands of underserved students and youth across New York City.

Now, with their move to Yonkers, MorDance is ready to expand their transformative work. This progressive company will surely enrich the cultural fabric of Yonkers.

Relocation to Yonkers

MorDance is eagerly anticipating their relocation to Yonkers in 2024. Through a collaboration with AMS Acquisitions, they have secured prime space for their new home.

The 12,000-square-foot location overlooks the Hudson River, providing inspiration for the company’s creative work. This site in Yonkers is just the starting point, however. MorDance plans to establish an even larger permanent residence in the near future.

The future facility will include a 200-seat theater, spacious studios, and top-notch rehearsal facilities. This custom performance space will help MorDance expand their productions and audience.

Additionally, the move to Yonkers will allow MorDance to engage the local community in new ways. For example, they plan to open rehearsals to the public on a regular basis. The company also aims to offer outdoor performances around Yonkers starting this summer.

Enriching the Community Through Dance

MorDance is thrilled to bring their unique brand of community-focused dance to Yonkers. According to a Yonkers news source, McEwen enthusiastically expressed:

Yonkers offers a vibrant cultural landscape, and we are eager to contribute to its artistic tapestry. Our relocation is not just about finding a new home for MorDance; it’s about building bridges through the transformative power of ballet. We believe in the ability of the arts to inspire, connect, and enrich lives, and we are thrilled to embark on this journey in Yonkers.


The company wants to become a lasting part of the fabric of Yonkers. They aim to inspire residents through performances that showcase diversity and push creative boundaries. Their productions will also help build connections across social divides.

MorDance’s upcoming performance season will allow Yonkers residents to experience the magic firsthand. From April 30th to May 4th, MorDance will host their inaugural set of full-length shows in Yonkers. This will be the public’s exciting first glimpse of MorDance’s new home and future in the community.

Ongoing Community Programming

MorDance won’t just perform in Yonkers—they plan to engage the community through dance in many ways:

  • Free dance workshops for underserved children and teens to provide access and empowerment through movement.
  • Movement and flexibility classes for local seniors to encourage active lifestyles.
  • Open rehearsals to give residents a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process.
  • Dance outreach programs with Yonkers schools, such as workshops and ticket access.
  • Outdoor performances in parks and public spaces, making dance accessible to all.

MorDance also aims to hire teaching artists, designers, and other staff from the Yonkers community. This will provide local jobs and allow MorDance to better connect with the city.

Custom Performances Showcasing Local Stories

In addition, MorDance plans to develop performances specifically showcasing Yonkers’ unique culture, diversity, and history. As McEwen shared, “We want to draw direct inspiration from the city and feature its past and present through our performances.”

Some of these specially tailored programs could include:

  • Productions spotlighting notable figures, events, and places from Yonkers’ history. For example, dances interpreting the lives of key historical Yonkers residents.
  • Performances highlighting and honoring the diversity of Yonkers’ many communities and cultures through dance and music.
  • Site-specific productions staged in symbolic locations around the city. This could weave the essence of a neighborhood or landscape into the choreography.
  • Commissions of new dance works directly from Yonkers-based choreographers, composers, and other artists.

Through custom performances and programming, MorDance will showcase local stories while making dance accessible to the wider Yonkers community.

Impactful Expansion in Yonkers

With ambitious plans for growth and community impact, MorDance is poised to thrive in Yonkers. The company will expand access to dance and foster empowerment through movement. Their inspiring performances and engaging programming will also enrich the cultural fabric of Yonkers.


Residents can look forward to MorDance becoming an integral part of the city’s vibrant arts scene. This boundary-breaking company will surely make a difference through their mission to engage, inspire, and connect people across divides. MorDance’s move marks an exciting new chapter for the arts in Yonkers.

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