Why Integration Testing Is a Must-Have for Your Development Process

The integration test is an important component in the development process that plays a very crucial role in delivering high-quality products.

To ensure that they work seamlessly together, these tests involve testing the combined units of code. The integration tests uncover errors and bugs. It also aids in identifying the inconsistencies between the various components. Developers can easily fix issues early on by prioritizing the integration test, which saves both resources and time in the long run.

What is integration testing?

In software testing, integration testing is the step where various parts of the software application are tested together as a group. It is completed after the individual’s parts are tested and before testing the whole system.

The main purpose of this is to know how well the various elements of the software work together. If we put this in easy words, the integration testing helps the testing team to check if all the various parts of the software are working well or not as a team.

For example: The combination of NetSuite and Shopify is a real-life example of the integration. NetSuite which is an ERP system is used behind the scenes while on the other hand, Shopify serves as an e-commerce platform. Here, the integration testing involves checking the inventory management process. This means whenever the order is placed on Shopify, the NetSuite inventory should also be updated automatically. Therefore, to make sure that the synchronization of the data is working correctly, the testing team needs to perform the integration testing for the smooth flow of data between two systems.

What are the reasons to conduct integration testing?

1. To know how various applications work together

For different purposes, organizations use various applications, so integration testing is done to see if the applications can work together properly. Through this, the compatibility problem can be identified that can cause errors and disrupt business operations.

2. To make sure about easy communication

Applications are usually linked through APIs for the different applications to communicate smoothly. To make sure that the information is being received, integration testing is used. It is also used so that the resulting response from the API is accurate.

3. To improve errors in the system

Before releasing the final version of the software, it is very important to identify the potential problems and the weaknesses as well. After the release, delaying this process can lead to higher costs and more problems in fixing the errors.

Exceptions are occurrences that disrupt the normal flow of the process. It can occur due to various factors, such as technical issues or errors.

With exceptions, integration testing is the way to address and solve the problem. This takes place by combining different modules or components of the software.


So, to make sure that the software is able to handle the exceptions in a predictable and consistent way, integration testing can be useful. It reduces the impact on end-users. And when it comes to automated integration testing, Opkey is the ultimate solution. It helps to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your testing process with its wide range of features and seamless integrations.

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