10 Best AI Essay Writers That Write Essays for Any Topic

Writing essays can be a challenging task for students, especially when faced with strict deadlines or unfamiliar topics. However, with the advent of AI essay writers, students now have access to tools that make the essay writing process quick and easy. These AI essay writers can generate sections of your essay, provide proofreading and editing assistance, and much more. In this article, we present a list of the top 10 AI essay writers available, offering both free and paid options to suit every student’s needs.

1. EssayAI – Best AI Essay Writer for Essay Customization

Among the best AI essay writers available is EssayAI. This impressive tool offers students the ability to customize their essays according to specific styles and target audiences. With EssayAI, you have the option to tailor various aspects of your essay, including keywords, citation formats, and language preferences. This level of customization ensures that your essays align perfectly with your intended audience and meet the highest standards of quality and coherence. Additionally, EssayAI’s powerful AI algorithms generate undetectable essays that seamlessly integrate into any context, remaining invisible to AI detection systems.


  • Offers a wide range of customization options.
  • Generates human-like essays.


  • Requires a paid subscription to unlock additional features.

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2. EssayGPT – Best AI Essay Writer Overall

Considered a leading academic writing aid, EssayGPT secures its spot as the best AI essay writer overall. With its industry-leading technology, EssayGPT empowers students to tackle any essay subject, delivering high-quality content that helps achieve the best possible grades. Noteworthy features include the ability to add citations in various styles, autocomplete phrases and sentences using AI, and a built-in search engine for quick access to relevant information while crafting your essay. Moreover, EssayGPT provides time-saving tools such as grammar and plagiarism checking to ensure typo-free and original work.


  • Utilizes state-of-the-art essay writing technology.
  • Consistently produces top-quality text.
  • Relieves stress associated with challenging subjects and deadlines.


  • Requires an internet connection for use.

3. EssayWriter – Best AI Essay Writer for Researching Essay Subjects

EssayWriter, renowned for its remarkable research skills, claims the next spot on our list. This tool features a time-saving Research Mode, which allows students to quickly find relevant information and valuable references to supplement their essays. Whether you need assistance with drafting your essay or integrating citations, EssayWriter provides real-time content suggestions to enhance your work. The tool also incorporates a helpful citation generator for accurate referencing.


  • Incorporates advanced technology for efficient research.
  • Saves users significant amounts of time.
  • Adds detailed citations to every essay.


  • Works exclusively online.

4. EssayFlow – Best AI Essay Writer for Undetectable Essay Writing

Designed to assist students in producing high-quality, plagiarism-free essays, EssayFlow ranks as the best AI essay writer for undetectable essay writing. This advanced tool excels in generating well-researched content that surpasses AI detectors like GPTZero. By crafting 100% human-scored essays, EssayFlow ensures authenticity and exceptional quality. With its powerful AI technology, this tool can adeptly handle any topic found in the curriculum.


  • Enables undetectable essay writing.
  • Accessible 24/7.
  • Reliable and precise performance.


  • Limited to online use.

5. StudyCrumb – Best Free AI Essay Writer

StudyCrumb offers a cost-effective AI essay writing solution for students on a tight budget. Unlike other generators with costly subscription plans, StudyCrumb provides its services completely free of charge. Launched in 2023 and based in Estonia, this tool allows users to ask questions or acquire essay generation aid in a wide range of subjects. Despite occasional variations in content quality, StudyCrumb remains accessible round-the-clock and generates content at a fast pace, making it particularly useful when time is of the essence.


  • No hidden charges or subscription fees.
  • Ideal for small essay sections.
  • Available 24/7.


  • Content quality may not always be the best.

6. TutorBin – Best AI Essay Writer for Value

For students on a budget seeking affordable AI essay writing services, TutorBin is an excellent choice. This educational platform offers AI essay writing starting as low as $0.99 per week. Despite its low pricing, TutorBin maintains high quality, delivering well-written essays from pasted text or uploaded files. Additionally, TutorBin provides AI-powered proofreading services, scanning essays and suggesting improvements or alterations to enhance their quality.


  • Offers great pricing plans suitable for all budgets.
  • Supports multiple input methods.
  • Trusted educational brand with extensive experience.


  • Interface could benefit from improvements.

7. Essay Builder AI – Best AI Essay Writer for Speedy Performance

With over 80,000 monthly student users, Essay Builder AI is a reliable and fast essay writing tool. Launched in 2023, it quickly gained popularity due to its ability to generate hundreds of words within seconds. This tool proves invaluable when faced with tight deadlines. Additionally, Essay Builder AI offers a built-in plagiarism scanner to ensure the originality of your work, along with a spelling and grammar checker to refine your essay.


  • Provides a free trial for new users.
  • Generates accurate and relevant content.
  • Features an intuitive interface.


  • Some features require a paid subscription.

8. Jenni – Best AI Essay Writer for Paraphrasing and Enhancing

Developed by Altum Inc. and released in 2023, Jenni quickly gained popularity among high school and college students, with over two million users at the time of writing. This AI essay generator offers various features such as citation generation, scholarly research, and paraphrasing. Jenni can enhance previously written sections of essays by improving flow and coherency. It also helps find relevant sources and references to enrich your texts.


  • Offers a diverse range of features.
  • Supports various foreign languages.
  • Can generate complete essay outlines with a single click.


  • Does not support mobile devices.

9. EssayService – Best AI Essay Writer for Beginners to Use

Since its launch in 2023, EssayService has garnered the trust of over 50,000 students. This premium AI essay writer provides a free version for new users to try out, along with premium versions that offer additional features and functions. Drawing from a vast academic database, EssayService’s AI essay bot is smart, advanced, and easy to work with, consistently delivering precise and helpful content.


  • Employs a simple three-step usage system.
  • Sources content from an extensive academic database.
  • Offers time-saving essay outlines.


  • May occasionally produce errors.

10. MyEssayWriter – Best AI Essay Writer to Save You Time

Rounding out our list is MyEssayWriter, a highly-rated AI essay writer based in the UAE and launched in the summer of 2023. Although priced at $9.99 per month, this tool is highly regarded by numerous students. MyEssayWriter focuses on speed and efficiency, swiftly generating well-crafted essays to help meet tight deadlines. With its exceptional content quality and minimal errors, MyEssayWriter is a reliable choice for time-conscious students.


  • Consistently produces high-quality content.
  • Rarely makes mistakes.
  • Ideal for meeting strict deadlines.


  • Enforces a strict 1,500-word limit.

Why Should You Use an AI Essay Writer?

If you’re wondering whether an AI essay writer is the right choice for you, consider these questions:

  1. Meet Urgent Deadlines: If you struggle to meet deadlines, an AI essay writer can save you hours of hard work by generating entire essays in seconds.
  2. Improve Weak Subjects: Even the best students face challenges in certain subjects. An AI essay writer can assist you in areas where you struggle, such as foreign languages, history, or geography.
  3. Ease Essay-Related Stress: Students often experience significant stress. AI essay generators can alleviate stress associated with writing essays, improving mental health and overall well-being.
  4. Get More Free Time: By utilizing AI essay writers, you can free up valuable time in your schedule, providing opportunities for relaxation and leisure.
  5. Improve Your Grades: Essays play a crucial role in determining your grades. AI essay writers can help you excel in subjects where you tend to struggle, resulting in improved academic performance.


AI essay writers offer a valuable solution for students who struggle with essay writing or wish to save time. These tools not only simplify the process but also improve the quality of essays. By harnessing the power of AI, students can achieve better grades, reduce stress, and gain more free time. Upgrade your essay writing experience today with one of the top AI essay writers mentioned above.

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