Micro Locs: Ultimate Guide to This Trending Hairstyle

Looking for a new hairstyle? Then meet Micro Locs. They’re trendy, versatile, and rich in culture. Why are they special? Just because they offer a unique blend of tradition and modern style. Considering a hair change? In short Microlocs might be your answer. Read on to discover why they’re gaining so much love. Let’s dive into the Micro Locks journey together.

What are Microlocs?

What are Microlocs

Microlocs, often simply known as “micro loc”, are a hair wonder in the world of natural hairstyles. They represent a type of hairstyle where the hair is twisted or interlocked to form small, uniform locks.

Liliane Ford (@theminimalistnatural), in one of her Instagram post, wrote, “Unlike traditional larger locs, microlocs are finer and more delicate, offering a versatile and intricate look. Also, this style is not only a nod to cultural heritage but also a modern trend that’s turning heads.”

It’s a beautiful blend of tradition and contemporary fashion that is why it a top choice for those in search of both elegance and authenticity.

Micro Locs Size Chart

Loc Specialist in Miramar (@locs_n_motion) explained different sizes of Microlocs and created a Microlocs size chart which is given below.

Loc SizeDiameterApproximate Number of Locs
Micro Locs0.2 cm90 locs
Extra Small Locs0.4 cm50-70 locs
Small Locs0.6 cm40-70 locs
Small Medium Locs0.8 cm40-60 locs
Medium Locs1.0 cm30-50 locs
Large Locs1.2 cm30-40 locs
Extra Large Locs1.5 cm40-50 locs
Wicks Locs4 cm5-10 locs
Microlocs Size Chart Table

Micro Locs Before and After

To get Microlocs can be a transformative experience, not just for your hair’s appearance, but also for its health and manageability. Josette Bianca uploaded a video of Microlocs transformation and in the video said, “Whether you’re moving from a free-flowing style or transitioning from another loc size, the before and after of Micro Locs showcases the beauty and benefits of this elegant style.”

Hair that is free-flowing, possibly tangled or undefined.Neatly formed, consistently sized, and patterned micro locs.
Possible difficulty in managing or styling hair daily.Easier daily maintenance and a plethora of styling options.
A look that might feel common or routine.A unique, intricate, and standout appearance.
Concerns about hair health and protection.Enhanced hair protection and reduced breakage.
Microlocs Before and After Look Table

Here is a video showing the transformation of Microloc journey:

Microlocs Before and After Transformation

Famous 35 Microlocs Styles

Microlocs offer some of the best protective styles out there. If you’re just starting your journey, then there are beginner microlocs styles tailored for newcomers. With 35 locs hairstyles to explore, every hair day can be a fresh adventure. So, why wait? Dive into the protective, varied, and beginner-friendly world of Microloc today.

Micro Twist Locs

Micro Twist Locs

Micro Twist Locs are a fusion of elegance and simplicity. It is one of the best types of Microlocs because they involve twisting the hair to create fine, consistent locs. So, ideal for those seeking a refined look with a touch of tradition, these twists are both stylish and easy to maintain. Dive into this style and let your hair do the talking.

Braided Micro Locs

Braided Micro Locs

Braided Micro Locs bring together the beauty of braids and the permanence of locs. It is one of the unique micro locs hairstyles. These are crafted by intricately braiding the hair, hence offer a design that’s both unique and timeless. If you’re after a style that blends tradition with a modern twist, this is your go-to.

Micro Faux Locs

Micro Faux Locs

Ever wanted the locs look without the long-term commitment? Then enter Micro Faux Locs. These offer the aesthetic of real locs but are temporary. So, perfect for those wanting to test the waters or simply change up their style frequently. Basically, they’re a blend of authenticity and flexibility.

Micro Locs Bobbi Boss

Micro Locs Bobbi Boss

Bobbi Boss is renowned in the hair world, and their take on Micro Locs is nothing short of spectacular. Micro Locs Bobbi Boss presents a premium, high-quality option for those seeking perfection. With a reputation for durability and style, these locs are a favorite among many. So, step out with confidence with this top-tier choice.

Micro Crochet Locs

Micro Crochet Locs

Micro Crochet Locs are a game-changer for quick transformations. They use crochet method, as a result these locs are attached seamlessly, giving you a full head of beautiful Microlocs in no time. Hence, they’re perfect for those who want a stunning look without the wait.

Micro Locs with Extensions

Micro Locs with Extensions

Want added length or volume? So, Micro Locs with extensions are your answer. They blend naturally with your hair, hence they offer both length and fullness. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a change, these extensions provide versatility in style.

Micro Starter Locs

Micro Starter Locs

Beginning your Micro Locs journey? Micro Starter Locs are the first step. They’re the foundational phase, setting the stage for mature locs. As a result of their evolution, they grow into the full-fledged style you desire. Hence, it’s the start of a beautiful hair relationship.

Microlocs Updo Styles

Microlocs Updo Styles

Elevate your look with Microlocs Updo Styles. Whether it’s a bun, a ponytail, or an intricate design, updos showcase the beauty and versatility of these locs. Perfect for events or when you want to feel extra special, these styles are both elegant and chic.

Microlocs with Curly Ends

Microlocs with Curly Ends

Basically, this is from those micro locs hairstyles that add a twist to this hairstyle. Microlocs with curly ends give you a playful finish, blending the elegance of locs with spirited curls. Hence, they’re perfect for those who love a touch of whimsy in their style.

DIY Microlocs

DIY Microlocs

Want to install your locs at home? Then, DIY Microlocs let you take the reins. With patience and a bit of guidance, you can create your personalized locs from the comfort of home. Surprisingly, it’s a journey of self-expression and hair artistry.

Micro Soft Locs

Micro Soft Locs

For those who prioritize comfort, Micro Soft Locs are a dream. They’re gentle, lightweight, and offer a softer touch compared to traditional locs. You get the beauty of these locs without any added weight.

Mature Microlocs

Mature Microlocs

Mature Microlocs are a testament to patience and care. As time progresses, these locs become more settled, denser, and reflect a deep commitment to the Micro Loc journey. Hence, they’re the epitome of hair growth and dedication.

Microlocs Two Strand Twist

Microlocs Two Strand Twist

Dive into a classic with a twist. Microlocs Two Strand Twist blends the beauty of locs with the charm of two-strand twists. That is the reason this style is both elegant and dynamic, making it a favorite for many.

Microlocs with Shaved Sides

Microlocs with Shaved Sides

Edgy and bold, Microlocs with shaved sides stand out. This style showcases the locs’ beauty while adding a modern touch with the shaved portions. Basically, it’s for those daring to make a statement.

Micro Root Locs

Micro Root Locs

Micro Root Locs focus on the base while ensuring a strong foundation for your hairstyle. These locs are all about ensuring the roots are well-formed and robust. So, they’re the backbone of a lasting Micro Loc style.

Micro Goddess Locs

Micro Goddess Locs

Micro Goddess Locs are the pinnacle of grace and beauty. Specifically, they infused with a regal touch, as a result these locs drape down with a certain elegance that’s hard to match. They’re perfect for those moments when you want to feel and look like royalty.

Real Micro Locs

Real Micro Locs

Real Micro Locs are authenticity at its finest. They are crafted from your natural hair, hence they resonate with genuine beauty and personal touch. Most important, each loc tells a story of dedication and self-expression.

Human Hair Micro Locs

Human Hair Micro Locs

For those seeking an extended look, Human Hair Micro Locs are the answer. Using 100% human hair, they blend seamlessly with your own, offering both length and volume. Also, it’s the perfect blend of nature and enhancement.

Micro Coil Locs

Micro Coil Locs

Micro Coil Locs are all about the curl. By coiling the hair tightly, these locs form a spiral structure that’s both captivating and unique. In addition, they’re a beautiful nod to the natural curl pattern many cherish.

Micro Instant Locs

Micro Instant Locs

In a rush? Then, Micro Instant Locs to the rescue. These locs offer a swift transition to this loc style, hence allow you to achieve the look in a fraction of the time. Without a doubt it’s all about instant transformation with lasting beauty.

Micro Link Locs

Micro Link Locs

Connect with style using Micro Link Locs. Because these locs employ tiny links to secure and enhance their structure. As a result durable and chic hairstyle that stands out in any crowd.

Micro Locs with Color

Micro Locs with Color

Add a splash of vibrancy with Micro Locs infused with color. Whether it’s a subtle hue or a bold statement shade, colored Micro Locs let your personality shine through. Let your hair be your canvas and also paint your masterpiece.

Micro Locs with Loose Ends

Micro Locs with Loose Ends

For a relaxed and free-flowing vibe, opt for Micro Locs with loose ends. Basically, this style combines the structure of locs with the gentle sway of untamed ends. Additionally, it’s a harmonious blend of control and freedom, perfect for the carefree spirit.

Micro Locs with Weave

Micro Locs with Weave

Combine the best of both worlds with Micro Locs paired with a weave. This style offers added volume and length, hence let you flaunt a fuller look. It’s a fusion of natural beauty with a touch of enhancement.

Micro Mini Locs

Micro Mini Locs

Micro Mini Locs are all about subtlety. Even finer than regular Micro Locs, they give a delicate and intricate appearance. Hence, ideal for those who adore ultra-fine detailing in their hairstyles.

Micro Nu Locs

Micro Nu Locs

Step into the new era with Micro Nu Locs. This modern take on the classic style brings a refreshed and contemporary vibe. They’re perfect for trendsetters looking to redefine their hair journey.

Micro Traditional Locs

Micro Traditional Locs

Honor the roots with Micro Traditional Locs. This style pays homage to the age-old methods and looks of locs. They carry a timeless charm, resonating with both history and culture. Embrace the legacy with this enduring style.

2 Point Rotation Microlocs

2 Point Rotation Microlocs

Dive into precision with 2 Point Rotation Microlocs. This technique revolves around rotating at two distinct points, ensuring even and consistent loc formation. It’s a method that promises both beauty and uniformity.

4 Point Rotation Microlocs

4 Point Rotation Microlocs

For a more intricate approach, there’s 4 Point Rotation Microlocs. This method involves rotating at four different points, giving your locs a robust and well-defined structure. It’s the choice for those seeking meticulous detailing.

Temporary Microlocs

Temporary Microlocs

Not ready for a long-term commitment? Temporary Microlocs are your go-to. They offer the elegance without the permanence. Ideal for those wanting to experiment or change up their style on a whim.

Microlocs Ponytail

Microlocs Ponytail

Elevate your everyday look with a Microlocs Ponytail. Gathering your locs into a sleek ponytail not only showcases their beauty but also provides a chic and practical style. Whether it’s for a casual day out or a special occasion, this style never disappoints.

14 Inch Micro Locs

14 Inch Micro Locs

Longing for some length? 14 Inch Micro Locs offer an extended elegance. These locs cascade down, adding a touch of grace to every move. Perfect for those who want to make a lasting impression.

Micro Locs Bob

Micro Locs Bob

The classic bob gets a twist with Microlocs. The Micro Locs Bob is chic, trendy, and frames the face beautifully. It’s a style that’s both timeless and modern, making it a favorite for many.

Micro Sister Locs

Micro Sister Locs

Celebrate sibling magic with Micro Sister Locs. These are akin to traditional sister locs but with the finesse of Micro Locs. They’re delicate, intricate, and a testament to hair artistry.

12 Inch Microlocs

12 Inch Microlocs

12 Inch Microlocs strike the perfect balance. Neither too long nor too short, they offer a versatile look that’s just right. They’re the go-to for those seeking a harmonious blend of style and convenience.

Microlocs Grid Pattern

Microlocs Grid Pattern

Microlocs offer a canvas of endless possibilities. While they inherently don’t adhere to a set parting grid or locking technique, some enthusiasts lean towards grid patterns for a neater appearance. Two popular choices are:

  • Stacked Pattern: Here, the hair is parted in straight lines, and each loc neatly sits atop the one below. It’s all about alignment and precision.
  • Brick Layer Pattern: This method plays with a staggered approach. Each row of locs is slightly offset, resembling the layout of bricks in a wall.

However, it’s essential to underline that a grid pattern isn’t a must. Many adore the spontaneity of an organic, free-form Micro Loc look. Ultimately, it’s all about personal preference and what makes you feel most confident.

Microlocs Installation

Embarking on the journey of Microlocs? Keke J. uploaded a video on her YouTube channel explaining a concise guide on how to make Micro Locs. Here is an easier version of installation and maintenance ensuring you get the most out of your hair transformation.

Step 1: Gather Your Microlocs Tool

Before you begin, make sure you have the right tools. This typically includes:

  • Rat-tail comb for precise parting
  • Crochet hook for the actual loc’ing process
  • Clips to hold sections of hair in place

Step 2: Micro Locs Parting

Decide on your desired pattern. Whether you’re going for a grid, free-form, or any other design, parting is crucial. Use your rat-tail comb for accuracy, ensuring each section is neat and tidy.

Step 3: Starting Microlocs

With your sections ready, take the first part and begin the loc’ing process using your crochet hook. Twist, turn, and lock until the section forms a budding loc. Repeat this process for each section.

Step 4: Maintenance and Care

Once all locs are in place, it’s essential to maintain Microlocs. Regularly moisturize, avoid heavy products that can cause build-up, and gently re-tighten locs as they grow.

And there you have it. With patience and care, you’ll soon sport a head full of beautiful Microlocs. Remember, it’s a journey, so enjoy each phase of this loc style evolution. You can also watch a video:

Easy Microlocs Tutorial Video

How Long Do Micro Locs Take?

Embarking on the Micro Loc journey requires patience and dedication. The time investment varies based on several factors:

  • Number of Locs: Once Gunther Da Great said, “Installing around 300 locs might take between 8-12 hours. More locs naturally demand more time.”
  • Installation Method: Techniques like braiding and twisting, especially for longer hair, can be more time-intensive.
  • Retightening: According to Mayowa’s World, “The retightening process can span 2 to 6 hours, contingent on your chosen style and expertise, while retwist your locs after every 4 to 8 weeks to ensure uniformity.”

Remember, while the installation might be lengthy, microlocs typically become low maintenance once settled. Also, individual aspects like hair texture, length, and density can cause variations depending on your hair.

Coloring Microlocs

“Dyeing Microlocs brighten up or add a hint of hue to your Microlocs but it is a step by step process,” written in an Instagram post by Microloc Academy™ (@team.microlocs). To start your locs coloring, follow the steps below:

  1. Consult a Professional: Before diving in, get advice from a loctician about the best dyes for your hair type.
  2. Prepare Your Hair: Ensure your locs are clean and free from build-ups.
  3. Choose Your Color: Whether you want a natural shade or something vibrant, pick a color that complements your style.
  4. Apply the Dye: Following the product’s instructions, carefully apply the dye, ensuring even coverage.
  5. Rinse and Condition: After the recommended waiting time, rinse the dye out and condition your locs to restore moisture.

Here is a tutorial to color your Microlocs:

Dyeing Microlocs Video Tutorial

How to Remove Microlocs

In a video, while explaining that how to remove microlocs, CurlyCrownStudio-Sisterlocks™ (@curlycrownstudio) shared, “Microlocs are semi-permanent, they can be removed.” Here is the method to remove them:

  1. Moisturize: Start by moisturizing the locs starting from the end of your hair. This makes them more pliable.
  2. Work from Tip to Root: Begin at the tip and gently work your way up, unraveling the loc.
  3. Use Tools: Needle-nose pliers or a rat-tail comb can assist in detangling without breaking the hair.
  4. Condition: Once all locs are out, wash your hair and add conditioner to restore hydration.
  5. Seek Professional Help: If unsure, consult a professional to minimize damage during the removal process.

Learn the removal method by watching the video:

Easy Tutorial to Remove Microlocs

Microlocs Stages

“Microlocs, like all locs, evolve through distinct stages. Each phase represents a new chapter in your hair journey,” said Alexis Harris in the video titled Stages of My Microlocs with Pics Year 1 to Year 2. Here are the stages of this type of locs:

  1. Starting Phase: This is the beginning of your Microlocs adventure. Hair is sectioned and the initial installation method is used, be it twisting, braiding, or interlocking.
  2. Budding Phase: Your locs start to swell and form small buds. This shows that your hair is beginning to mat and knot on its own.
  3. Teen Phase: A transformative period for your locs. They might seem a bit rebellious, with some frizz and uneven thickness. It’s a sign they’re finding their shape.
  4. Mature Phase: By now, your Microlocs have settled. They’re fully locked, firm, and have a consistent pattern.
  5. Rooted Phase: The ultimate stage. Your Microlocs are well-established, deeply rooted, and exude a natural elegance.

Watch the video to see different stages of this style:

One Year Microlocs Stages with Pics

Microlocs Accessories

Permanent Microlocs Extensions Human Hair Micro Locs Extensions Micro Locs Hair Extensions Micro Locs Crochet Hair Micro Locs Twists Extensions Micro Locs Wigs Microlocs Hair Jewelry

Microlocs, while stunning on their own, can be further enhanced with the right accessories. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle embellishment or a dramatic transformation, there’s an accessory out there for every Microlocs enthusiast.

Permanent Microlocs Extensions

Seeking a long-term commitment to added volume and length? Permanent Microlocs extensions are your answer. Seamlessly blending with your natural locs, they offer a harmonious transition, ensuring both the extension and your locs flow together, creating a lush, voluminous look.

Human Hair Micro Locs Extensions

The allure of authenticity is unmatched. Human hair extensions not only offer a genuine appearance but also feel real to touch. They blend effortlessly, reflecting the natural shine, bounce, and texture of actual locs.

Micro Locs Hair Extensions

For those moments when you crave a bit of change without permanence, these extensions come to the rescue. They’re not just about adding length; they’re about providing you the freedom to experiment with styles, thickness, and even colors.

Micro Locs Crochet Hair

Crochet hair is a revelation for those seeking an instant makeover. Designed for swift installation, you can achieve a brand-new look in hours. From tightly coiled to relaxed waves, the options are endless.

Micro Locs Twists Extensions

Wish to introduce a playful twist to your locs? These extensions offer a spiraled, coiled appearance, adding a unique dimension to your existing locs, perfect for those days when you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

Micro Locs Wigs

Why limit yourself? With Micro Locs wigs, you can completely transform your look. Ideal for special events or when you just want to give your natural locs a break. The wigs come in various styles, lengths, and volumes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Microlocs Hair Jewelry

Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that make the most significant impact. Hair jewelry, be it shimmering beads, elegant cuffs, or intricate rings, can add that extra sparkle to your locs. They not only accentuate the beauty of your Microlocs but also express your personal style.

Micro Locs Hair

Micro Locs Hair Short Hair Thin Hair Natural Hair 4C Hair Fine Hair Relaxed Hair Permed Hair Straight Hair Thick Hair Low Density Hair

Microlocs are more than just a hairstyle; they’re a journey that embraces every hair type, texture, and length. Let’s delve deeper into the world of Microlocs and discover how they beautifully complement various hair characteristics:

Microlocs on Short Hair

Short hair exudes confidence and style. Adding Microlocs to the mix takes that style quotient up a notch. Whether you have a pixie cut or a bob, Microlocs provide that edge, making every strand stand out while adding a touch of bohemian flair.

Microlocs on Thin Hair

Battling with thin strands of hair? Microlocs can be your secret weapon. They not only offer a denser appearance but also provide the hair with much-needed body and volume. No more flat hair days; it’s all about flaunting a fuller look.

Micro Locs Natural Hair

Nature knows best, and natural hair is proof of that. When Microlocs merge with natural textures, the result is simply mesmerizing. It’s about celebrating every curl, wave, and kink, making daily hair management a breeze.

Microlocs on 4C Hair

The beauty of tight coils in 4C hair is undeniable. When styled with Microlocs, these coils get enhanced definition. The locs help in moisture retention, ensuring that the hair remains hydrated and lustrous.

Microlocs on Fine Hair

While fine hair is soft and silky, it often seeks volume. Enter Microlocs. They wrap around fine strands, giving them body, bounce, and a character that’s hard to miss.

Microlocs on Relaxed Hair

Chemically relaxed hair needs styles that are gentle yet trendy. Microlocs fit the bill. They add structure to the strands without causing undue stress, ensuring your hair remains healthy and stylish.

Micro Locs on Permed Hair

The allure of curls from a perm combined with the texture of Microlocs is nothing short of magical. The locs enhance the wavy pattern, resulting in a cascade of curls that flow effortlessly.

Micro Locs on Straight Hair

Sleek, straight hair gets a textural upgrade with Microlocs. The transformation is striking, turning the poker-straight strands into a canvas of intricate patterns and designs.

Micro Locs on Thick Hair

Managing thick hair can sometimes be overwhelming. Microlocs simplify it. They channel the natural volume of thick hair, creating a mane that’s both majestic and easy to handle.

Microlocs on Low Density Hair

For those with sparser hair, Microlocs come as a savior. They weave through the strands, filling in gaps and creating an illusion of denser, richer hair.

Micro Locs on Men

Micro Locs on Men

Gone are the days when locs were limited to a particular gender or culture. Today, more men are embracing Micro Locs as their go-to hairstyle. Not only do they offer a rugged charm, but they also allow for versatility in styling. From athletes to musicians, Micro Locs have become synonymous with a sense of individuality and confidence in men. Whether worn short or cascading down the shoulders, they reflect a blend of tradition and contemporary style.

Micro Locs on Women

Micro Locs on Women

For women, Micro Locs are more than just a hairstyle; they’re a statement. They embody grace, strength, and femininity. Whether it’s a busy mom, a corporate powerhouse, or a creative artist, Micro Locs offer a hassle-free yet stylish option. They can be adorned with beads, dyed in vibrant hues, or simply left in their natural glory. Every twist and turn of these locs tells a story, making them a favorite among women seeking both convenience and chic.

Micro Locs on Kids

Micro Locs on Kids

Children are all about vivacity and spontaneity, and their hairstyles should reflect that. Micro Locs on kids not only look incredibly adorable but also make hair maintenance simpler for parents. No more battles with tangled hair after playtime. Plus, as kids grow and evolve, their Micro Locs can be styled and adapted in numerous fun ways, ensuring that their youthful charm is always in sync with their dynamic spirit.

What is the Difference Between Microlocs and Locs?

What is the Difference Between Microlocs and Locs?

Understanding the nuances between Microlocs and traditional locs can help you make an informed decision about which style suits you best. Let’s break down the key differences:

Size and Appearance

  • Microlocs: Much thinner and smaller in diameter. Offer a more refined and intricate look.
  • Traditional Locs: Thicker and more substantial. Provide a bolder and more statement-making appearance.

Installation Time

  • Microlocs: Require more time due to their finer size. Can take several hours, depending on hair length and density.
  • Traditional Locs: Generally quicker to install. Time can vary but is usually less than that of Microlocs.


  • Microlocs: Need more frequent retightening due to their smaller size. Offer a wider range of styling options.
  • Traditional Locs: Traditional Locs don’t require frequent maintenance. Easier to moisturize and hydrate due to their size.


  • Microlocs: Due to their size, they offer increased flexibility in hairstyles. Can be styled similarly to loose hair, e.g., curls, waves, updos.
  • Traditional Locs: Less versatile in styling but still offer options like buns, ponytails, and braids.


  • Microlocs: Tend to last long but might be more prone to breakage if not cared for properly.
  • Traditional Locs: Generally robust and durable, lasting for years with proper care.

Microlocs vs Other Locs

Microlocs vs Sisterlocks Traditional Locs Interlocks

Here is a comparison between microlocs and some of the most popular types of locs.

Microlocs vs Sisterlocks

At first glance, Sisterlocks and Microlocs might appear similar, but they have distinctive characteristics. Sisterlocks are a type of locs that offers a precise and uniform grid pattern. They’re known for their meticulous installation process, ensuring each loc is consistent in size and appearance. To get Sisterlocks, visit Sisterlocks consultant.

On the other hand, Microlocs, while smaller than traditional locs, do not necessarily adhere to a uniform size or installation technique. Here is a detailed comparison between Microlocs and Sisterlocks.

SizeVaries, generally smallVery small and uniform
InstallationMultiple methods, less standardizedPatented technique
MaintenanceRegular retighteningRegular maintenance with specific tools
Styling OptionsVariedVaried but can be more delicate
CostTypically or may be cheaper than SisterlocksHigher due to patented process
DurabilityDurable with proper careDurable with proper care
Risk of MattingModerateLow, due to uniform size
Risk of Traction AlopeciaLow to moderateLow, if installed correctly
Microlocs and Sisterlocks Comparison Table

Microlocs vs Traditional Locs

Traditional locs are what most people think of when they hear “dread locks”. They are thicker and have a more rugged appearance, in contrast to the more refined look of Microlocs.

FeatureMicrolocsTraditional Locs
InstallationVariesTypically palm rolled or backcombed
MaintenanceMore frequentLess frequent
Styling OptionsMany, due to sizeLimited due to thickness
CostVaries, typically lessLess
DurabilityDurable with proper careVery durable
Risk of MattingModerateLow
Risk of Traction AlopeciaLow to moderateLow
Microlocs and Traditional Locs Comparison Table

Microlocs vs Interlocks

Interlocking is a method of maintaining locs by looping the hair through the base of the loc using interlocking tool. While Microlocs can be maintained using interlocking, they aren’t the same thing. Interlocking can be used on traditional or larger locs as well.

SizeSmallerVaries by loc size
InstallationVariesSpecific interlocking technique
MaintenanceRegular retighteningInterlocking process
Styling OptionsVariedDependent on loc size
DurabilityDurable with proper careVery durable
Risk of MattingModerateLow
Risk of Traction AlopeciaLow to moderateModerate, if done too tightly
Microlocs and Interlocks Comparison Table

Microlocs vs Regular Locs

For clarity’s sake, regular locs refer to locs that aren’t specialized, like Invisible Locs or traditional dreadlocks. They sit between Microlocs and traditional locs in terms of size.

FeatureMicrolocsRegular Locs
InstallationVariesTypically palm rolled
MaintenanceMore frequentModerate
Styling OptionsManyVaried
DurabilityDurable with proper careDurable
Risk of MattingModerateLow to moderate
Risk of Traction AlopeciaLow to moderateLow
Microlocs and Regular Locs Comparison Table

Microlocs vs Small Locs

Small locs, as the name suggests, are just a size up from Microlocs and Tiny Locs. They provide a middle ground between the fine appearance of Microlocs and the robustness of regular or traditional locs.

FeatureMicrolocsSmall Locs
SizeSmallerSlightly larger than Microlocs
MaintenanceRegular retighteningRegular retightening
Styling OptionsManyMany
DurabilityDurable with proper careDurable
Risk of MattingModerateLow to moderate
Risk of Traction AlopeciaLow to moderateLow
Microlocs and Small Locs Comparison Table

Microlocs Maintenance

Micro Locs and maintenance are nothing without each other. For best results, proper care and maintenance is essential. Regularly maintain your locs because waiting too long between maintenance can damage hair.

  • Regular Retightening: Ensures locs stay neat and structured.
  • Mild Shampooing: Cleans without causing damage or drying them out.
  • Moisturizing: Essential to prevent breakage and maintain health.
  • Night Protection: Using silk or satin wraps reduces friction and prevents frizz.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Prolongs the health and appearance of Microlocs.

How Long Do Micro Locs Last?

  • Durable Design: Microlocs are intended for long-term wear.
  • Varied Lifespan: Can last from several months to years with proper care.
  • Retightening: DXLYN locs explained, “Micro Loc retightening needed every 4-6 weeks to maintain their appearance. Retightening sessions range from 2 to 24 hours.”
  • Proper Care: Regular washing, moisturizing, and avoiding harsh chemicals ensures longevity.

Micro Locs Price

The DALLAS SISTERLOCKS (@beautibydenyse) started a campaign with the title how much do Micro Locs cost and posted a report including the average Microlocs cost. 

  • Price Range: Cost can vary from $200 to $4,000.
  • Initial Inches: First two inches typically range from $550 to $700.
  • Extended Length: 4 inches of micro locs can be around $2,000.
  • Additional Length: Expect around $100 for every inch thereafter.
  • Consultant Variation: Depending on your Microloc consultant, prices can range from $400 to $4,000.

Micro Locs Pros and Cons

By weighing the pros and cons of Microlocs, you can determine if Microlocs are the right fit for your lifestyle and hair goals.


  • Offers a wide range of styling options.
  • Once installed, Microlocs don’t require daily care.
  • They give a more natural, less bulky appearance than traditional dreadlocks.
  • Whether your hair is fine or thick, Microlocs can be tailored to fit.


  • Initial setup can take a long time.
  • The investment can be substantial, especially initially.
  • Requires retightening every 4-6 weeks.
  • Not easily reversible, so they’re a long-term commitment.


Micro Locs are a versatile and long-lasting hair styling option that’s grown in popularity. With a wide range of styles, they cater to both men and women, offering a unique blend of tradition and modernity. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, durable, and stylish hair solution, Micro Locs are a top recommendation. Dive into the world of Micro Locs and embrace a hairstyle that’s as unique as you are.


What are Micro Locs?

Micro Locs are tiny, individual locs created using natural hair, offering versatility in styling and a unique aesthetic appeal.

How often should I retighten my Micro Locs?

It’s recommended to retighten Micro Locs every 4-6 weeks to maintain their neat appearance.

Are Micro Locs suitable for all hair types?

Yes, Micro Locs can be adapted for various hair types, including thin, thick, curly, or straight.

Is it expensive to get Micro Locs?

The cost can vary based on factors like installation method and hair length, but prices generally range from $200 to $4,000 or more.

Can I color or dye my Micro Locs?

Yes, Micro Locs can be colored or dyed, but it’s essential to consult with a professional to ensure hair health.

How do I maintain the health of my Micro Locs?

Regular washing, moisturizing, and avoiding harsh chemicals are vital for keeping Micro Locs healthy and well-maintained.

Can men also have Micro Locs?

Yes, Micro Locs are a popular choice for both men and women, offering style and ease.

Is there a difference between Micro Locs and regular locs?

Yes, the primary difference lies in size, installation method, and maintenance requirements.

Do Micro Locs cause hair damage?

When installed and maintained correctly, Micro Locs shouldn’t cause any damage. However, neglect can lead to issues like matting or traction alopecia.

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