r/hololive: Popular Subreddit For Hololive Fans

r/hololive is a popular subreddit dedicated to discussions about Hololive Production, a talent agency based in Tokyo that manages Virtual YouTubers. With over 530,000 members, it has become the main gathering place online for fans of Hololive’s Japanese, English, Indonesian and Chinese VTubers.

Overview of r/hololive

r hololive Interface
r hololive Interface

The r/hololive subreddit was created in September 2019 as a place for fans to discuss and share content related to Hololive VTubers. Since then, it has experienced massive growth in tandem with Hololive’s expanding roster of talents.

Important Key Points of r/hololive

The r/hololive is a source of entertainment. Some key details about this subreddit are given below:

  • 530,000+ members, making it one of the largest VTuber fan communities online.
  • Primarily English-speaking userbase, though many are bilingual or understand basic Japanese.
  • Active, growing subreddit with over 1000 posts per day on average.
  • Managed by a team of volunteer moderators and admins.
  • Follows standard Reddit rules like requiring original sources and not allowing illegal content.

Key Things About r/hololive

Some key things to know about the r/hololive community are mentioned here:

  • Discussions: This subreddit features active discussions about Hololive streams, events, music releases and more. Fans analyze VTuber personalities, lore, interactions and theories.
  • Content Sharing: Redditors frequently share newly translated clips, fanart, memes and other Hololive-related content. This helps spread videos to international viewers.
  • News: Official announcements and updates from Hololive get posted here. The subreddit is a hub for learning about things like new outfits, 3D models, concerts and collaboration streams.
  • Community Events: Its members organize special community events like fanart contests, watch parties and charitable initiatives to support VTubers.
  • AMAs: Hololive members occasionally participate in “Ask Me Anything” Q&A threads on the subreddit to engage with overseas fans.

Popular r/hololive Discussions

Here are some of the most common discussion topics within the r/hololive subreddit:

  • Debuts: When Hololive announces a new VTuber, fans eagerly speculate about their design and personality leading up to their debut stream. The reveal is a major event.
  • Collabs: Fans love when Hololive members collaborate across branches and with VTubers from other agencies. Special one-time collabs also occur.
  • Memes: Like many anime or idol fandoms, Hololive has spawned numerous memes that get endlessly discussed and iterated on.
  • Technical Issues: Stream technical difficulties are analyzed in detail, from desktop capture failures to live2D malfunctions.
  • Overseas Expansion: The subreddit talks a lot about Hololive English, Hololive Indonesia and the agency’s growing global presence.
  • Controversies: Any scandals or controversies related to Hololive inevitability blow up on the subreddit, for better or worse.
  • Graduations: When a VTuber ‘graduates’ from Hololive, retirement announcement posts receive an outpouring of nostalgic memories and emotional tributes.

Rules and Moderation

The r/hololive subreddit is moderated by a team of active users. Rules are in place to keep discussion productive and limit spam. Key policies include:

  • No Harassment: No attacking or insulting VTubers. Criticism and critique must be constructive.
  • No Low Effort Memes: Memes must demonstrate originality and effort. Blank template memes are prohibited.
  • Limit Self-Promotion: The focus is on Hololive talent, not individual users. Self-promo is restricted.
  • Mark Spoilers: Users must tag story and lore spoilers appropriately out of courtesy.
  • Use Megathreads: Major events get megathreads to concentrate discussion in one place.
  • No Politics: In line with Hololive rules, political debate is not allowed on the subreddit.

Memorable Moments

With hundreds of thousands of users and counting, the r/hololive community has created many memorable moments over the years such as:

  • 1 Million Subscribers: Hololive subreddit members orchestrated a surprise congratulations video for Natsuiro Matsuri after she reached 1 million YouTube subscribers.
  • birthday600k: Fans banded together on Twitter to wish Hololive English member Mori Calliope happy birthday as she approached 600k subscribers.
  • Hololive Alternative: The announcement teaser for the Hololive Alternative project took the subreddit by storm with speculation and hype.
  • Meme Reviews: Kiara’s and Coco’s meme review streams consistently take the top upvoted memes from r/hololive each week for reaction and commentary.
  • Achieving r/all: Popular Hololive clips occasionally catch fire and hit the front page of Reddit, exposing the agency to new audiences.

Joining the Fun on r/Hololive as a Fan

r/hololive is a great way to connect with fellow global fans of Hololive VTubers. Some tips for getting started are:

  • Read the Rules: Understand basic etiquette to avoid common newbie mistakes.
  • Introduce Yourself: Post who your favorite VTubers are and how you found Hololive in the weekly introduction thread.
  • Upvote Quality Content: Support great fan art, helpful information, and funny memes.
  • Comment Respectfully: Join discussions about streams and VTubers you enjoy.
  • Share Clips and Art: If you make great OC, post it responsibly following subreddit guidelines.
  • Use Flairs Properly: Assign flair to your username and label posts appropriately.
  • Explore Other Fan Spaces: Check the sidebar for official accounts, Discord, Wikis and more.


r/hololive has thrived into one of the internet’s largest fan communities thanks to the entertaining talents of Hololive Production. The subreddit facilitates excited discussion, content sharing, fandom events and an overall spirit of lighthearted fun. Despite its size, the community retains a tight-knit feel. It provides the perfect online home for Hololive fans from around the world.

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