ShipN Utsunomiya: Best Delivery Service of Japan

ShipN Utsunomiya is a delivery service based in Utsunomiya, Japan that provides fast, reliable shipping across the country. Despite being lesser-known outside of Japan, it has become an indispensable tool for Japanese e-commerce sellers and online shoppers.

Overview of ShipN Utsunomiya

ShipN Utsunomiya Delivery Service
ShipN Utsunomiya Delivery Service

ShipN Utsunomiya was founded in 2008 as a regional delivery service focused on the Kanto region of Japan. The company is headquartered in Utsunomiya, Tochigi prefecture, which is well-positioned for delivering packages across the greater Tokyo area.

Since its founding, this company has expanded nationwide and now offers delivery to any address in Japan. It has over 50 logistics centers and contracts with major delivery companies to handle actual package transport. This allows it to provide quick nationwide delivery, often within 1-2 days.

The company name “ShipN” is derived from the words “Shipping Innovation“. This emphasizes their focus on using technology and innovation to improve delivery services in Japan.

Key Features and Services of ShipN Utsunomiya

Here are some of the key features and services that set ShipN Utsunomiya apart:

  • Affordable and Flat-rate Pricing: It offers simple flat-rate pricing depending on package weight and destination prefecture. This makes it easy to calculate shipping costs.
  • Fast Delivery Times: It delivers most packages overnight or within 2 days thanks to its extensive logistics network. This speed is on par or faster than Japan Post.
  • Reliable Tracking: Customers can track their packages in real-time. It also provides proactive updates via email, chat, and phone.
  • COD Services: ShipN supports cash-on-delivery so sellers can ship orders before receiving payment. This is essential for e-commerce in Japan.
  • Returns Management: Merchants can create free return labels for customers. This company will then inspect and process returns.
  • Discounted Rates: Frequent shippers can qualify for volume-based discounts to save on costs.
  • API Integration: It offers APIs to integrate shipping management into e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Why Choose ShipN Utsunomiya?

There are several compelling reasons for e-commerce sellers and online shoppers in Japan to use ShipN Utsunomiya over other delivery options. Some of them are given below:

  • Faster and More Reliable than Japan Post: It is generally 1-2 days faster than standard postal services. Their advanced tracking also means fewer failed delivery attempts and lost packages.
  • Cheaper than Private Couriers: It has very reasonable rates compared to private couriers like Yamato or Sagawa Express. This helps online sellers keep their shipping costs down.
  • Specifically Designed for E-commerce: Unlike postal services, ShipN is optimized for e-commerce delivery needs like COD, returns, API integration etc. This makes it easy to use for online sellers.
  • Route Optimization Expertise: With deep expertise in Japanese logistics, this company is skilled at optimizing routes and navigating complex delivery addresses.
  • One-stop Solution: Merchants can use it for all their logistics needs instead of a patchwork of various shipping companies and services.

Growth of ShipN Utsunomiya

Since starting out as a regional player in 2008, ShipN Utsunomiya has seen tremendous growth:

  • From 2013-2016, it expanded delivery coverage prefecture-by-prefecture until achieving nationwide service.
  • Their logistics centers grew from just 1 in 2008 to over 50 locations today.
  • The company has raised billions of yen in funding to support expansion.
  • Annual revenue and shipments have doubled almost every year.
  • Major retailers like Rakuten and Amazon have partnered with ShipN for delivery services.
  • Its workforce has expanded to over 700 employees.

Impact of ShipN Utsunomiya on E-Commerce

The rise of ShipN Utsunomiya has positively impacted e-commerce in Japan in several ways:

  • Faster Shipping: This company has set a new normal for fast e-commerce delivery across Japan. Merchants can now reliably promise 1-2 day shipping to customers.
  • Lower Costs: Its affordable rates allow merchants to offer cheaper or free shipping, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Geographic Expansion: The nationwide reach of this company lets merchants easily expand beyond their local region. This encourages more small businesses to sell online.
  • Higher Sales Conversion: Fast, seamless delivery increases customer trust and likelihood of purchase. This directly lifts online merchants’ revenues.
  • Returns Process Improvement: The smooth returns process of ShipN reduces customer anxiety and makes them more willing to buy online.
  • New Delivery Innovations: It is bringing new innovations like evening delivery, temperature-controlled logistics etc. to raise the bar for e-commerce.

New Initiatives of ShipN Utsunomiya

ShipN Utsunomiya is still in the relatively early stages of its growth journey. The company has ambitious plans to continue improving deliveries and expanding nationwide.

Some of the main initiatives of ShipN for the future include:

  • Increasing the density of logistics centers to enable same-day delivery to more locations.
  • Expanding temperature-controlled logistics for fresh produce, pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Utilizing data and analytics to optimize routing and forecast package volumes.
  • Growing partnerships with major retailers, marketplaces and delivery companies.
  • Leveraging technology like drones and self-driving vehicles to reduce delivery costs.
  • Developing additional services beyond basic package delivery.
  • Expanding internationally by licensing their systems and expertise.


ShipN Utsunomiya has cemented itself as a top logistics platform for Japanese e-commerce through its unmatched blend of speed, reliability and affordability. The company has ambitious plans to drive further innovation in online delivery services. For any merchant selling online in Japan, ShipN is an essential partner for managing shipping and fulfillment.

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