Vlineperol: Cocktail Bar Manager and Mixology Star

The real name of Vlineperol is Aline Tongkhuya. She is a popular Instagram influencer and bartender based in Fresno, California. With over 3,000 followers on Instagram, Aline shares cocktail recipes, bar tips, and her life experience as a bartender.

The Instagram account of Vlineperol provides images and videos showing how she works as a bar manager at Modernist, a trendy cocktail bar in downtown Fresno. She shares beautiful photos and videos with her followers, showing them the art of mixology and the exciting bar scenes in Fresno.

Instagram Profile of Vlineperol

Who is Vlineperol
IG @vlineperol – Aline with Other Bartenders

Name: Aline Tongkhuya

Username: @vlineperol

Total Posts: 74

Followers: 3,185

Following: 977

Instagram Description:
Bar Manager @modernistfresno🍸
Patron Perfectionists 2023 USA Top 40 🐝
AOI 2023 USA Top 3 @italicusrdb 🍋
Tanteo Tequila MSO West Region Winner ‘22

Professional Background of Vlineperol

Vlineperol started her journey into bartending after graduating from a college in her hometown of Clovis, CA. She started as a barback at Modernist in 2017 while the bar was still under construction. After sharpening her skills under the supervision of renowned mixologist and Modernist owner Bernard Phelan, Aline was promoted to Bar Manager in 2021 at the age of 25.

As Bar Manager, she oversees a staff of 10 bartenders and barbacks at Modernist. Her responsibilities include managing record, creating staff schedules, assigning tasks, and ensuring excellent customer service. She also collaborates with the kitchen to integrate cocktails into the dining experience.

Notable Accomplishments

Vlineperol has earned several prestigious titles and awards:

  • Patron Perfectionists Top 40, 2023: The Patron Perfectionists Top 40 is a contest by Patron tequila. It picks the best 40 bartenders in the US for their creativity, accuracy, and how they present drinks. As one of the Top 40 across the US, Aline became part of an elite group of mixologists.
  • AOI Top 3, 2023: The Annual Olympia International (AOI) bartending competition gathers top talent from around the world. Aline got 3rd position overall, beating out hundreds of competitors.
  • Tanteo Tequila MSO West Region Winner, 2022: Aline won the Tanteo Tequila Regional Competition for the Mountain States and West region with her wonderful performance.

These awards have significantly raised her profile and demonstrated her creativity and technical abilities behind the bar. She continues to participate in competitions to challenge her skills and network with other top bartenders.

Signature Drinks at Modernist

As Bar Manager of Modernist, Aline Tongkhuya (@vlineperol) has left her mark on the cocktail menu by introducing several signature drinks:

  • The Hopscotch: The most popular creation of Aline, featuring amaretto, honey-ginger shrub, and grapefruit juice topped with a thyme sprig. Tart and herbaceous.
  • White Panda: This tiki-inspired cocktail combines coconut rum, orgeat, and lychee juice for a sweet and tropical flavor profile. Topped with toasted coconut flakes.
  • Let’s Get Figgy: A smooth and complex sipper with fig-infused bourbon, walnut liqueur, and maple syrup. Garnished with a charred lemon twist.

Aline finds inspiration from local ingredients, food pairings, and molecular mixology techniques. Her unique creations keep customers coming back to see what she will come up with next.

Mixology Skills of Vlineperol

On Instagram, Vlineperol focuses on showcasing her art and skills as a mixologist. Followers can discover new cocktail recipes and get tips on everything from juice pairings to glassware selection. She highlights particular ingredients in the posts explaining their flavors and uses.

Visually stunning photos and videos allow her audience to experience the beauty of handmade cocktails. Her creativity shines through in drinks featuring unique garnishes, preparations, and presentations. For those interested in mixology, Aline provides inspirational to turn a passion into a profession.


With her impressive accomplishments, skills as a mixologist, and role as a bar manager, Aline Tongkhuya has built a strong profile to share her love of cocktails. Her Instagram account @vlineperol offers an inspirational look inside the world of a successful female bartender trying for new achievements in her career. Cocktail lovers can discover new drink recipes and connect with a talented bartender.

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