Long Butterfly Locs Hairstyles, Tutorial & Caring Tips

Want a pretty, low-maintenance protective style? Long butterfly locs are perfect for you. Long butterfly locs give you a romantic, flowy, and distressed look. The locs are big and curly, like a waterfall down your back. So gorgeous. Long butterfly locs are easier than thin, traditional locs. Less work but still very stylish.

Locs protect your natural hair as it grows out. No damage with this style. You can dress up or down long butterfly locs for any event. From work to weekends, this style fits right in. Ready to turn heads with this hot style? Learn all about long butterfly locs here.

What are Long Butterfly Locs?

What are Long Butterfly Locs

Long butterfly locs are a type of faux locs style. They have a full, waved shape that flares out at the ends. Long butterfly locs get their name from their fluttery, fluttering shape. The locs flow down the back beautifully. Each long butterfly loc is quite large and voluminous. They have a chunky thickness from root to tip.

The locs start neat and full at the scalp. Then they gradually loosen and widen towards the ends. The ends flair out into lovely curls. These create a whimsical, fluttering effect. Long butterfly locs are installed using the crochet method. Pre-made synthetic hair is attached to your natural hair in rows using a crochet needle.

This style gives the loc look without having to actually loc your hair. It lets you enjoy gorgeous texture and length without long-term commitment. Long butterfly locs offer effortless beauty. The wings flutter gracefully down your back.

History and Origin of Long Butterfly Locs

History and Origin of Long Butterfly Locs

Long butterfly locs come from African hair culture. Traditional locs are part of African history. Locs mean strength, spirit, and identity for African people. Locs are very symbolic. Over time, people who love natural hair made long butterfly locs. They wanted to celebrate natural hair. They added their own personal style and creativity to the locs. This made them unique.

Now long butterfly locs are popular worldwide. People love them for their beauty. Long butterfly locs show pride in African heritage. But they also have a modern twist. The exact origin is hard to know. But long butterfly locs mix old and new beautifully. This style blends traditional locs such as Hawaiian clover locs with creative flair. The result is gorgeous.

How to Do Long Butterfly Locs

Doing long butterfly locs hairstyle takes some time and skill. But the beautiful results are worth it. Follow these steps to install this gorgeous protective style:

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

  • Pre-made synthetic butterfly loc hair
  • Crochet needle
  • Edge control gel
  • Small rubber bands
  • Hair clips

Step 2: Part the Hair into Sections

Part your natural hair into square sections. There should not be flyaways. Make each section about 1 to 2 inches wide. Secure with clips to keep hair partitioned as you work.

Step 3: Start Installing the Locs

Take a small piece of synthetic loc hair. Fold it in half to form a loop. Use the crochet needle to pull your natural hair through the looped end. Pull the loc hair through to create a knot against your scalp.

Step 4: Continue Installing Row by Row

Keep installing loc hair from the nape of the neck forward. Work row by row, one section at a time. Add edge control gel to neaten roots. Install locs all the way to hairline. Style hairline with finishing locs or edges.

Step 5: Style and Go

Once install is complete, style as desired. Rock your beautiful long butterfly locs. Add accessories if wanted. Enjoy this stylish, low maintenance loc look.

Here is a video on how to do long butterfly locs:

Video about How to Do Long Butterfly Locs

How Long Do Long Butterfly Locs Take?

Getting long butterfly locs takes time. But it’s faster than installing thin, traditional locs.

Professional Installation Time

Professionals can install long butterfly locs in 6-8 hours. This may require 2 separate appointments.

DIY Installation Time

If you install long butterfly locs yourself, it can take 10-14 hours or more. Work in sections and take breaks to avoid hand cramps. This style requires patience.

Ongoing Maintenance Time

Maintenance appointments take 2-3 hours. Get retightening every 4-6 weeks to maintain a neat look. Wash and style as needed in between. Daily styling takes just 5-10 minutes. The install takes commitment. But ongoing care for this style is fairly quick. Enjoy your long butterfly locs.

Long Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

The best part of long butterfly locs? All the gorgeous styles you can create. This look is ultra-versatile. Options are endless for styling your long butterfly locs beautifully. The volume and texture of the locs work with any look. Your stylist can shape and set your locs to achieve different styles.

There are many ways to style long butterfly locs. Here are some popular protective hairstyles:

1. Long Butterfly Locs with Color

Long Butterfly Locs with Color

Want to really make your long butterfly locs pop? Try adding vibrant color. Bright colored locs look fun and playful. Popular choices are ginger, blonde, red, blue, purple and pink. You can do a full-head color for an all-over look. Or color just the ends or a few locs as accents.

Ombre coloring is gorgeous on long butterfly locs. Go from dark roots to light ends. Adding hair color makes this style extra eye-catching. It enhances the texture and flow beautifully. Consult your stylist to choose colors and techniques that work with your locs. Then flaunt your colorful style.

2. Long Butterfly Faux Locs

Long Butterfly Faux Locs

Don’t want to commit to a permanent loc style? Go for faux locs instead. Long butterfly faux locs give the look of real locs temporarily. They use added synthetic hair. Faux locs are installed the same way as regular long butterfly locs. But they don’t loc your natural hair. The result is beautiful long locs without damaging your real hair.

Faux locs allow you to enjoy this style for a few months. Then easily take them out. Long butterfly faux locs look and feel like the real thing. Have fun with this temporary style.

3. Extra Long Butterfly Locs

Extra Long Butterfly Locs

Want serious length and volume? Go for extra long butterfly locs. Extra long locs can reach all the way down to your waist or hips. The longer the better. Achieve waist-length by installing longer synthetic hair pieces. Or let your locs grow out over time. The locs start fuller at the top. Then get thinner down the length for a tapered look.

Extra long butterfly locs make a seriously bold style statement. All eyes will be on your incredible mane. Be prepared for the install and upkeep to take longer with extra length. But the wow-factor is so worth it. Flaunt those lengthy locs loud and proud. Walk with confidence as they flow behind you beautifully.

4. Blong Long Butterfly Locs

Blong Long Butterfly Locs

For a blonde bombshell look, try blong long butterfly locs. Blong locs are butterflies styled in stunning platinum blonde. The light color makes them pop. Go for a bright blonde ombre starting darker at the root. Or color the full loc length.

Blong locs look amazing on all skin tones like dreadlock and bohemian look. The bold long blonde butterfly locs pairs perfectly with dark roots. This style really stands out in a crowd. Strut your stuff with beautiful blong loc power. Keep the blonde bright with special shampoo. Book retouch appointments as your roots grow in. Blong long butterfly locs are high maintenance color-wise. But the glam results are so worth it.

5. Half-Up Long Butterfly Locs

Half Up Long Butterfly Locs

The half-updo is a gorgeous way to style long butterfly locs. It’s equal parts practical and pretty. Pull the top section of locs back into a ponytail or bun. Leave the rest flowing down your back. This keeps locs out of your face while still showing off the length.

Secure half-up styles with barrettes, scrunchies or ribbon. Add matching hair accessories. For events, sweep locs fully up into a voluminous topknot bun. So elegant. Half-up styles work for all occasions. Dress them up or down with your outfit. Show off your locs’ versatility with this mix of up and down.

6. Classy Updo with Long Butterfly Locs

Classy Updo with Long Butterfly Locs

When you want an elegant, put-together look, sweep your locs into an updo. Buns, chignons and french twists make glamorous formal styles. Smooth locs back and secure into a neat twisted shape at the nape of your neck. Pin curled tendrils at the hairline for added romance. Fancy events call for some loc sophistication.

An updo shows off your beautiful face. Complete the formal look with dangling earrings and a bold lip color. Turn heads at your next special occasion. An updo lets your locs dazzle in a whole new way.

7. Two-Tone Long Butterfly Locs

Two Tone Long Butterfly Locs

Why choose one color when you can have two? Rock two-tone long butterfly locs. Two-tone locs mix lighter and darker shades. This makes your color really pop. Try chocolate brown locs with caramel honey ends. Or jet black with purple underneath.

Blend your two shades seamlessly with ombre melting from root to tip. You can also alternate lighter and darker locs all over your head. So striking. Having two fabulous colors in one style doubles the excitement. Be bold and make a statement with this head-turning two-tone look. Your locs will shimmer with depth and dimension.

8. Long Butterfly Locs with Bangs

Long Butterfly Locs with Bangs

Bangs add a cute touch to long butterfly locs. Frame your face fabulously. Go for wispy curtain bangs grazing the eyebrows. Or blunt straight-across fringe. Bangs soften the loc look and complement your facial features. Style them wavy and free. Or pin them off your forehead in a pompadour shape.

Bangs give you more styling versatility. Dress up your locs differently day to day. Consider clip-in bangs for temporary fringe when you want it. So much fun. Make those locs all your own with some playful, flirty bangs.

9. Textured Ponytail with Long Butterfly Faux Locs

Textured Ponytail with Long Butterfly Faux Locs

The textured ponytail is a fabulous way to show off long faux locs. Gather your locs high at the crown of your head. Secure into a ponytail with a scrunchie. Leave locs loosely waving for a relaxed, undone texture. This style is chic yet playful. The loopy ponytail flows beautifully.

Mix up your look without heat or styling tools. Just sweep locs up and go. This works great for the gym or running errands. Casual yet still put-together. Let your long locs swish hypnotically in a bouncy textured ponytail.

10. Side-Parted Long Butterfly Locs with Loose Curls

Side Parted Long Butterfly Locs with Loose Curls

Part your locs to one side for an alluring, romantic vibe. Then add curls. Gently sweep locs over to a deep side part. Alternate curl direction for dimension. Use flexible foam rollers or straws to set loose, touchable curls while sleeping. This style is relaxed yet glamorous. The soft curly loop complement the locs’ flowy texture.

For special events, pin one side back and let the other side curl loosely. Stunning. Side-parted curls are timeless elegance with a dreamy twist. Embrace your inner romantic ingénue with this supple curled loc look.

11. Effortless Long Butterfly Locs

Effortless Long Butterfly Locs

One of the best things about long butterfly locs is their natural, carefree vibe. Embrace this with an effortless, undone style. Simply let your locs flow freely without any elaborate styling needed. Focus on keeping locs freshly retightened and moisturized. Effortless locs are all about celebrating your hair’s natural texture. The ease of this style lets your natural beauty shine through.

Flaunt your locs in their pure, organic glory. No heat or products required. Toss your head back and forth to see those luscious locs bounce and sway. Effortless beauty.

12. Shaggy Platinum Blonde Long Butterfly Locs

Shaggy Platinum Blonde Long Butterfly Locs

Go for bombshell status with shaggy platinum locs. This style is seriously eye-catching. Get your locs colored an icy bright blonde shade from root to tip. Use sea salt spray and texturizing mousse to add gritty texture. Scrunch locs for a shaggy effect. The messy, undone styling contrasts beautifully with the platinum color.

Pair this bold style with edgy makeup, like a cat eye and dark lip. Strut your stuff and rock this high-impact look. Heads will turn with your daring shaggy blonde locs.

Long Butterfly Locs Hair

The right type of hair is crucial for achieving beautiful long butterfly locs. 

Long Butterfly Locs Hair Crochet Hair Hair Packs

Long Butterfly Locs Crochet Hair

  • Use high-quality pre-looped crochet hair made specifically for locs such as water wave hair.
  • Kanekalon fiber mimics the look and feel of natural hair.
  • Choose hair that is soft, lightweight and blends with your texture.
  • Pick hair with long lengths, at least 24 inches. More length means more flutter.

Long Butterfly Locs Hair Packs

  • Buy pre-sectioned butterfly loc packs for convenience and to create longer strands.
  • They come with pre-separated synthetic locs ready to install.
  • Hair packs with 50-100 locs work well. Adjust amount as needed.
  • Consider ombre packs to get color without separate dyeing step.

How to Do Long Butterfly Locs on Short Hair?

How to Do Long Butterfly Locs on Short Hair

Want long fluttering locs but have short hair? No problem. You can still rock this style.

  1. Leave short hair out in front to blend with the locs. Style the hairline area with pretty edges.
  2. For the back, create a foundation of cornrows going horizontally across your head. Make small, flat braids.
  3. Install the locs starting at the nape of the neck and working up. Attach each loc crochet to the braided foundation.
  4. Use the crochet needle to gently pull the end of your short natural hair into the loc as you install each one.
  5. Make sure your stylist uses small sections of the pre-looped loc hair so the locs don’t appear too bulky.

With the right technique, you can get long butterfly locs at any length. Flaunt your fluttering style with confidence.

Long Butterfly Locs Price

The cost of long butterfly locs varies based on different factors.

  • Professional vs DIY: Paying a stylist costs $100-300+. Doing them yourself cuts costs but takes more time.
  • Loc Length and Volume: More and longer locs means higher price. Shorter styles with fewer locs are most affordable.
  • Extras Like Color: Color services, special treatments, added styling and accessories increase the total price.
  • Maintenance: Retightening appointments average $50-150 every 4-6 weeks. Ongoing upkeep must be budgeted for.
  • Hair Packs: Pre-made crochet hair packs range $50-200 depending on amount of hair needed.
  • Geographic Location: Prices are higher in areas with higher cost of living. Compare rates locally.

While not the cheapest protective style, the beauty of long locs makes them worth the splurge for many. Set your budget and work with your stylist to stay within it.

Pros and Cons of Long Butterfly Locs

Long butterfly locs have many positives but a few potential drawbacks too. The pros of beautiful, carefree style often outweigh the cons of maintenance. But weigh them based on your hair needs and lifestyle.


  • Look beautiful and romantic
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Versatile styling options
  • Trendy protective style
  • Less maintenance than classic thin locs
  • Temporary – can remove when wanted
  • Fun colors and ombre options


  • Installation process takes hours
  • Expensive overall cost
  • Ongoing retightening appointments
  • Extra hair care required
  • Synthetic hair can dry out natural hair
  • Not as full at scalp for some hair types
  • Can’t tie up as neatly as box braids

Caring Tips for Long Butterfly Locs

Long butterfly locs require some upkeep to look their best. With the right regular care, your long butterfly locs will stay beautiful. Follow these tips:

  • Moisturize locs and scalp daily with water-based products like leave-in conditioner. Oils can cause buildup.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to gently brush locs and distribute moisture.
  • Wash locs 1-2 times per week with a residue-free shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Air dry locs completely after washing. Don’t towel dry harshly.
  • Sleep with a silk bonnet or pillowcase to prevent friction damage.
  • Get retightening touch-ups every 4-6 weeks from your stylist.
  • Avoid too much heat styling which can dry out the locs over time.
  • Gently remove shed hairs caught in the locs as needed.
  • See your stylist right away for any repairs needed on damaged locs

How Long Do Long Butterfly Locs Last?

Long butterfly locs can last a few months with proper care and maintenance. Long butterfly locs usually last 6-8 months with regular retightening appointments. Without consistent retightening, they may only last 2-3 months before starting to loosen up. How long butterfly locs last depends on factors like your individual hair growth rate and your daily care regimen.

Going too long between retightening appointments can lead to frizziness and loosening. If the locs become dry due to inadequate moisturizing, their lifespan will be shortened. You can reach your goal loc length gradually by adding your own natural hair over time. Long Butterfly locs tend to last longer than box braids but less time than sisterlocks. Overall, in addition to invisible locs, butterfly locs are also considered a medium term protective hairstyle.

Talk with your stylist to get their advice on how long your particular long butterfly locs may last before needing to be taken out and reinstalled. With proper maintenance and care, you can enjoy your locs for months at a time.

How to Take Out Long Butterfly Locs?

When your long butterfly locs need removal, follow these steps:

Step 1: Wash and Condition Hair

Wash locs with residue-free shampoo and conditioner. Make sure hair is detangled and moisturized.

Step 2: Section Hair

Divide hair into sections using clips. Work one by one on every section.

Step 3: Cut Along the Base

Use sharp scissors to cut along the base, where loc is attached to your natural hair.

Step 4: Unravel the Locs

Gently unravel each loc from end to root using your fingers. Take your time.

Step 5: Remove Shed Hair

Use a wide-tooth comb to remove any shed hair tangled in your natural hair.

Step 6: Deep Condition

Apply a nourishing deep conditioner all over after taking locs out. Let sit then rinse.

Step 7: Style as Desired

You are now ready to rock your natural hair or install a new protective style.


Long butterfly locs are very pretty. The locs are big and flowy. You can style them many ways. This look is temporary. It doesn’t lock your real hair. With care, the locs last months. People love how easy and beautiful they are. If you want a cute loc look, try long butterflies. Let your pretty new locs shine.

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